Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deep Thoughts, WVU Style

I hate Tampa. I hate everything about playing at USF. Of course it doesn't help that WVU hasn't won there since 2005. It's always a struggle against the Bulls. The game is normally full of mistakes, with WVU usually dealing with an uphill battle early-on. It's critical for the Mountaineers to get off to a solid start. But, considering WVU has only played one good 1st quarter all year, I won't be holding my breath.

Tavon Austin got all the attention at the beginning of the season, and for good reason. The Junior has torn it up, but the big play star moving forward seems to be Stedman Bailey. It's incredible to watch him play. Bailey is a threat anytime he catches the ball. In fact, 18% of his 60 receptions are touchdowns. That's a pretty solid number. So, look for Bailey to continue to get better. And, don't worry about Austin. He'll put up close to 100 receptions next year as well. Not a bad one-two.

Jabarie Hinds is the real deal. What he did to Akron the other night was simply nasty. Hinds is starting to find the confidence that he needs to help lead the backcourt into the Big East schedule. He leads the team in assists and steals already, and also is shooting 60.5% from the field. Just like the rest of the freshmen, he needs to let the game come to him a little bit more. But, overall this kid is maturing nicely.

I keep thinking what the next school to have an abuse scandal is going to be. Should we be concerned that it could be WVU? I have no reason to believe it would be, but you could say the same thing about Syracuse and Penn State fans. Sadly, some type of abuse probably happens everyday on college campuses nationwide. It's prevalent, and the best way to deter it is to make it public. So, if something has happened in Morgantown, I hope it does go public. Nobody should have the live in fear and shame. And, who cares what the fallout will be. Humanity before athletics.

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Flying Dub-V Top 25, Week 13

Here is this week's Top-25

1. LSU (12-0)
2. Alabama (11-1)
3. Oklahoma State (10-1)
4. Stanford (11-1)
5. Boise State (11-1)
6. Arkansas (10-2)
7. Virginia Tech (11-1)
8. Houston (12-0)
9. Oregon (10-2)
10. Michigan State (10-2)
11. USC (10-2)
12. Georgia (10-2)
13. Oklahoma (9-2)
14. South Carolina (10-2)
15. Kansas State (9-2)
16. Michigan (10-2)
17. Wisconsin (10-2)
18. Baylor (8-3)
19. TCU (10-2)
20. Nebraska (9-3)
21. West Virginia (8-3)
22. Clemson (9-3)
23. Penn State (9-3)
24. Southern Miss (10-2)
25. Florida State (8-4)

Big East Power Rankings, Week 13

1. West Virginia (8-3, 4-2 in conference): Squeaked out a win in the Backyard Brawl, and seem to be in a good place to get BCS bid. Next Step...MUST WIN at South Florida.

2. Louisville (7-5, 5-2): Outstanding turnaround for the Cardinals this season. The Cards won five of their last six. Next Step...Hoping Cincy loses.

3. Cincinnati (8-3, 4-2): The Bearcats had a great win over Syracuse, keeping their hopes alive for the BCS. Next Step...Need to beat UConn, and WVU to lose.

4. Rutgers (8-4, 4-3): Not really sure what happened last week in Storrs, but a fine season nonetheless. Next Step...Awaiting bowl bid.

5. Pittsburgh (5-6, 3-3): A very disappointing loss last week in Morgantown. They really gave it away. Next Step...Hosting Syracuse for a chance at a bowl bid.

6. Connecticut (5-6, 3-3): The Huskies dismantled Rutgers last week in what was their finest win of the season. Next Step...Looking to get bowl eligible in Cincinnati.

7. South Florida (5-6, 1-5): The Bulls just didn't have the horses to stay with Louisville last week. t's just been that kind of year. Next Step...Possible bowl bid with win over WVU.

8. Syracuse (5-6, 1-5): A year to forget for the Orange. Still looking for their first win in over a month. Next Step...Final chance in Pittsburgh.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Records be Falling (Updated)

In Year One of the new offensive scheme that Dana Holgrosen brought with him, the Mountaineers have performed well. Yes, there have been some hiccups, mistakes, a few too many turnovers. But, considering where they were at this time last year, it's night and day. Actually this season has been so productive through the air that passing and receiving records are going to be broken all over the place. Here are just a few of the major ones that should be changing hands over the next few weeks.

UPDATE: Here are the latest numbers for WVU. Some of the records have already been broken.

(records courtesy of

Geno Smith

Total Yards
Record: 3,515 yards (Marc Bulger, 1998)
2011 Geno: 3,662 yards (NEW RECORD)

Passing yards
Record: 3,607 yards (Marc Bulger, 1998)
2011 Geno: 3,741 yards (NEW RECORD)

Pass Completions
Record: 274 (Marc Bulger, 1998)
2011 Geno: 291 (NEW RECORD)

Pass Attempts
Record: 419 (Marc Bulger, 1998)
2011 Geno: 448 (NEW RECORD)

Passing Touchdowns
Record: 31 (Marc Bulger, 1998)
2011 Geno: 25

Tavon Austin

All-Purpose Yards
Record: 2,104 (Steve Slaton, 2006)
2011 Tavon: 2,086

Record: 77 (David Saunders, 1998 and Shawn Foreman, 1997)
2011 Tavon: 82 (NEW RECORD)

Stedman Bailey

Receiving Yards
Record: 1,043 (David Saunders, 1996)
2011 Stedman: 1,117 (NEW RECORD)

Receiving Touchdowns
Record: 12 (Darius Reynaud, 2007 and Chris Henry, 2004)
2011 Stedman: 11

Former Mountaineers in the NFL, Week 12

Anthony Becht, TE, Chiefs: Was targeted once, and had one tackle in loss to Steelers.

PacMan Jones, CB, Bengals: Registered two tackles and had one pass defensed in win over Browns.

Brandon Hogan: Was inactive for the Panthers. Yet to play this year.

Ellis Lankster, CB, Jets: Was inactive for the Jets this week.

Pat McAfee, P, Colts: Had five punts, with an average of 45.6 in a loss to Carolina.

Corey McIntyre, FB, Bills: Started, but didn't register any stats in Buffalo's loss to the Jets.

Ryan Mundy, FS, Steelers: Finished with the team lead in tackles with 11. Also had an interception in win over Chiefs.

Chris Neild, NT, Redskins: Registered one tackle in win over Seattle.

Robert Sands, FS, Bengals: Inactive again for the Bengals. Has yet to suit up this year.

Owen Schmitt, FB, Eagles: Didn't register any stats in loss to Patriots.

Steve Slaton, RB, Dolphins: Was inactive this week for the Dolphins.


J.T. Thomas: Injured Reserve

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Gameweek! Week 14 Primer

Matchup: West Virginia at South Florida

When: Thur, 8p, ESPN

Line: WVU -1

West Virginia Players to Watch:
Geno Smith, QB: 3,741 yards, 25 TD, 5 INT
Tavon Austin, WR: 82 rec, 2,086 all-purpose yards, 6 TD
Stedman Bailey, WR: 60 rec, 1,117 yards, 11 TD
Bruce Irvin, DE: 24 total tackles, 13.5 TFL, 7 sacks, 2 FF

South Florida Players to Watch:
Bj Daniels and Boby Eveld, QB: 2,713 combined pass yards, 18 total TD, 10 combined INT
Darrell Scott, RB: 722 yards, 6 total TD, 5.2 YPC
Sterling Griffin, WR: 40 rec, 493 yards, 2 TD
DeDe Lattimore, LB: 87 total tackles, 7 sacks, 1 INT, 2 FF


The BCS mess continues into the final week for the Big East. What needs to happen for WVU? First thing is a win. The Mountaineers can't afford to look past this game. A win gives them a chance to go BCS bowling. A loss puts them in Charlotte. Yes, they have to rely on Cincinnati to win, but the Mountaineers need to bethinking about one thing only this week: South Florida.

Tampa hasn't been kind to WVU. The Mountaineers have only won once at USF since the Bulls joined the conference. That one time was WVU's first conference trip back in 2005. There have been some disappointing losses that mostly have to do with lots and lots and lots of mistakes. WVU has to play more fluid and confident if they want to roll out of Tampa with a win.

Will B.J. Daniels be back? That's the big question going into Thursday night. Daniels posses a major threat against WVU. He is a duel-threat that has had success against the 3-3-5 defense in the past. Bobby Eveld is capable of winning, but is certainly not the talent that Daniels is. Either way, WVU needs to keep the pressure on. Look for Jeff Casteel to dial up the four-man rush with a linebacker joining the front to go after whoever is in the game.

What will the crowd look like? I imagine it will look much better than what we saw Friday against Louisville. The stadium was practically empty. But, it was the day after Thanksgiving so many were home for the holidays. But, still...that was weak. It looked like a Temple home game. Thursday night, with the students back should be much better. Plus, WVU should have a solid base of fans as well. Thursday night is going to be fun.

WVU-Pitt Final Thoughts

It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. And, it's a win over hated Pitt, so you take it no matter what it looked like. And, boy was it ugly. The Mountaineers did everything possible to lose that game, but just found a way to win. It was a frustrating, but great night to be a Mountaineer.

Most Valuable: Julian Miller and Corey Smith. Miller was exceptional on the Mountaineer front. He broke a WVU single-game record with four sacks, and finished with 12 total tackles. Miller has had a fine career in Morgantown, and it was great to see have such an impact on Senior Day. Meanwhile, Corey Smith had his best day as a Mountaineer averaging 57 yards a punt. No one deserved to have a bigger day than a guy who has had to deal with the ups and downs like Smith has.

Least Valuable: Offensive Line. Granted, the unit played much better in the second half, but this group got beasted for the most part...again. Geno was sacked four times, and the rushing game was inconsistent. Overall, the Panthers finished with double-digit tackles for-loss. The line has had one great game this year, but that's about it.

Most Surprising: Corey Smith's Punting. I mean the kid just killed the ball. Who would have thought? Going in to this game he wasn't even expected to boot it, but got the job done when asked to.

Least Surprising: The West Virginia Sack Exchange. Yes, maybe 10 sacks wasn't expected, but the Panthers have allowed over 50 this year. So, really not that surprising that WVU would be able to get to Tino Sunseri. And, it was nice to see WVU able to keep guys in coverage, because they got plenty of pressure from just three or four-man rushes. It also helped that Sunseri holds on to the ball for five mins.

Play of the Game: 4th and 6. With only a few minutes remaining WVU faced a 4th and long in the redzone. Dana Holgorsen had to make a tough decision, and it was the right decision. Instead of going for the field goal, Holgs went for it. Geno found Tavon Austin right past the first down marker and the rest was history.


Quarterback: Geno was pretty good. His numbers were solid. He didn't turn the ball over, and made the passes when it mattered the most. Was it a prolific day? No. But, it was enough to help his team win.
Grade: B

Running back: Tough day finding space, but that was more on the offensive line. Shawne Alston scored two more touchdowns, and Dustin Garrison had some nice runs in the second half.
Grade: B

Wideout: Not a bad day for this group. There were a few drops, and Tyler Urban did have a big fumble. However, also some big catches in crunch time as we have seen year.
Grade: B

Offensive line: Outclassed all night long. Geno was on the run, and the ground game struggled for the most part. This unit continues to struggle.
Grade: C-

Defensive line: Outstanding game. Created plenty of pressure, and helped the defense finish with 10 sacks. This is what we expected all year long.
Grade: A

Linebacker: The group did well, even getting in on the sack parade for a few. Did well against the run, especially in the second half.
Grade: A-

Secondary: A pretty good day for the unit. he safeties were all over the field, and the corners broke up some potentially big pass plays. A solid day for this group.
Grade: A-

Special Teams: Don't even know where to start. Great punting, good coverage, awful everything else.
Grade: No idea

Coaching: Play-calling wasn't great, but the 4th and 6 was the right call. Defensive play was outstanding, and Special Teams is a complete wonder at this point.
Grade: B+

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big East Preview, Week 13

It's a holiday edition of the picks, so I don't have a ton of time to get in depth. Hope everyone out there has a wonderful Thanksgiving! To the picks...

Last Week: 2-1
Overall: 38-23

Bye Week: None

Rutgers at Connecticut: The Knights are still holding on to BCS hopes after a great win last week over Cincinnati. Meanwhile, the Huskies are fading back into oblivion with no quarterback, and an inconsistent defense. Expect the Knights to have much success through the air, which should open the run just a bit. Rutgers should be able to score enough to keep ahead of the Huskies, who will probably make enough mistakes to take them out of the game.

Prediction: 23-16 Rutgers

Cincinnati at Syracuse: This is a dangerous time for the Bearcats. The offense was awful with Munchie Legaux, and one more loss will surely kill their BCS hopes. Fortunately for them they play a Syracuse team that hasn't one since Oct 21st. The Orange have been wretched the last month, and nothing truly tells you that it will turn around. This game will be ugly.

Prediction: 17-14 Cincinnati

Louisville at South Florida: The Cardinals should win their final game of the season, which will put them in the best spot for the BCS bid. B.J. Daniels is probably out this week, which means Bobby Eveld takes the starting responsibilities for the Bulls. Look for Louisville to bring some serious pressure. This will burn USF, as the Cards finish up a good regular season with a big win.

Prediction: 28-20 Louisville

Game of the Week: Pittsburgh at West Virginia: The Mountaineers will look to dismantle their rival in what could possibly be the final Backyard Brawl. Expect some serious points going up in this one. However, the Panthers just don't have the firepower to stay with WVU. Full preview tomorrow.

Prediction: 34-24 West Virginia

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flying Dub-V Top 25, Week 12

Here is this week's Top-25

1. LSU (11-0)
2. Alabama (10-1)
3. Arkansas (10-1)
4. Oklahoma State (10-1)
5. Stanford (10-1)
6. Boise State (10-1)
7. Virginia Tech (10-1)
8. Houston (11-0)
9. Oregon (9-2)
10. Michigan State (9-2)
11. USC (9-2)
12. Georgia (9-2)
13. Oklahoma (9-2)
14. South Carolina (9-2)
15. Kansas State (9-2)
16. Michigan (9-2)
17. Wisconsin (9-2)
18. Baylor (7-3)
19. Clemson (9-2)
20. Penn State (9-2)
21. TCU (9-2)
22. Nebraska (8-3)
23. Notre Dame (8-3)
24. Georgia Tech (8-3)
25. West Virginia (7-3)

Big East Power Rankings, Week 12

1. West Virginia (7-3, 3-2 in conference): Two must-wins left if they want to be BCS bowling. Next Step...Backyard Brawl on Friday.

2. Louisville (6-5, 4-2): The Cards still have a great chance to get the BCS bid, and have the tiebreaker over WVU in a head-to-head macthup. Next Step...on the road to South Florida

3. Rutgers (8-3, 3-2): A great win over Cincinnati still has the Knights believing in winning the conference. Next Step...Road game in Storrs.

4. Cincinnati (8-3, 4-2): Need to find ways to win with new quarterback, Munchie Legaux, or BCS chances disappear. Next Step...In the Dome taking on Syracuse.

5. Pittsburgh (5-5, 3-2): The Panthers have been playing better, and still have a shot at the BCS. Next Step...In Morgantown for the Backyard Brawl.

6. Connecticut (4-6, 1-4): The Huskies have no consistency, and need to find an offense heading in to the offseason. Next Step...Looking to spoil Rutgers' season.

7. South Florida (5-5, 1-4): The Bulls are just looking to finish the season at this point...especially after losing to Miami 6-3 last week. Next Step...Looking to spoil Louisville's BCS hopes.

8. Syracuse (5-5, 1-4): A very disappointing season continues for the Orange, who haven't won since the big game over WVU. Next Step...Facing a vulnerable Cincinnati team.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Records Be Falling

In Year One of the new offensive scheme that Dana Holgrosen brought with him, the Mountaineers have performed well. Yes, there have been some hiccups, mistakes, a few too many turnovers. But, considering where they were at this time last year, it's night and day. Actually this season has been so productive through the air that passing and receiving records are going to be broken all over the place. Here are just a few of the major ones that should be changing hands over the next few weeks.

(records courtesy of

Geno Smith

Total Yards
Record: 3,515 yards (Marc Bulger, 1998)
2011 Geno: 3,413 yards

Passing yards
Record: 3,607 yards (Marc Bulger, 1998)
2011 Geno: 3,497 yards

Pass Completions
Record: 274 (Marc Bulger, 1998)
2011 Geno: 269

Pass Attempts
Record: 419 (Marc Bulger, 1998)
2011 Geno: 417

Passing Touchdowns
Record: 31 (Marc Bulger, 1998)
2011 Geno: 25

Tavon Austin

All-Purpose Yards
Record: 2,104 (Steve Slaton, 2006)
2011 Tavon: 1,964

Record: 77 (David Saunders, 1998 and Shawn Foreman, 1997)
2011 Tavon: 72

Stedman Bailey

Receiving Yards
Record: 1,043 (David Saunders, 1996)
2011 Stedman: 1,037

Receiving Touchdowns
Record: 12 (Darius Reynaud, 2007 and Chris Henry, 2004)
2011 Stedman: 10

Former Mountaineers in the NFL, Week 11

Anthony Becht, TE, Chiefs: Inactive in loss to the New England Patriots.

PacMan Jones, CB, Bengals: Led the team with seven tackles in loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Brandon Hogan: Was inactive for the Panthers, but taken off the injured list and should be seeing the field soon.

Mortty Ivy, LB, Steelers: Bye Week for the Steelers.

Ellis Lankster, CB, Jets: Didn't register any stats in loss to the Denver Broncos.

Pat McAfee, P, Colts: Bye Week for the Colts.

Corey McIntyre, FB, Bills: Started, ut didn't register any stats in Buffalo's loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Ryan Mundy, FS, Steelers: Bye Week for the Steelers.

Chris Neild, NT, Redskins: Registered one tack and half a sack in loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Robert Sands, FS, Bengals: Inactive again for the Bengals. has yet to suit up this year.

Owen Schmitt, FB, Eagles: Was targeted once in win over the New York Giants.

Steve Slaton, RB, Dolphins: Was inactive this week for the Dolphins,


J.T. Thomas: Injured Reserve

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Gameweek! Week 12 Primer

Matchup: West Virginia v Pittsburgh

When: Friday, 7pm, ESPN

Line: WVU -7.5

West Virginia Players to Watch:
Geno Smith, QB: 3,497 yards, 24 TD, 5 INT
Dustin Garrison, RB: 600 rushing yards, 5 TD
Tavon Austin, WR: 1,964 all-purpose yards, 6 total TD
Stedman Bailey, WR: 57 rec, 1,037 yards, 10 TD

Pittsburgh Players to Watch:
Tino Sunseri, QB: 2037 yards, 9 TD, 8 INT
Zach Brown, RB: 269 rushing yards, 4 TD
Devin Street, WR: 39 rec, 572 yards, 2 TD
Aaron Donald, DL, 33 total tackles, 9 sacks, 12.5 TFL


Bye Week Blues? That's what happened last time for the Mountaineers coming off a bye. They were just hammered by Syracuse. They were slow, soft, sluggish, uninspired etc... They were just flat out awful. If they can't get up for the Backyard Brawl then stick a knife into this season. There is no doubt Pitt will be ready to play, considering they still have a chance at the BCS bid as well.

Can WVU find a balanced game? If it isn't one thing, its another. That has been the story all year. If all three units did find a way to play cohesively, you would see a team that would have rolled through the Big East. Instead it has been an uphill battle.

Can Tino Sunseri manage this team in a hostile environment? Good question. Pitt has struggled against above-.500 teams this season, and will have to deal with a packed house. Sunseri can't make mistakes or Pitt won't last in this game. WVU will certainly put points on the board. Can the Panthers keep up?

Is this one of the last Backyard Brawls? With both teams leaving the Big East, it makes you wonder. I hope the series continues. It's one of the best rivalries in college sports, and would be a shame if schools that close to one-another stop playing. Hell, it's pathetic now that both don't play Penn State every year as well. So, here's to another 100+ years of the Backyard Brawl.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Big East Preview, Week 12

This is the busiest week of my year on the actual work side, so the blog has taken a significant hit. I don't really have that much time to write a preview, so here are my quick picks for this week.

Last Week: 1-3 (blah)
Overall: 36-22

Bye Week: West Virginia, Syracuse, Pittsburgh

Louisville at Connecticut: The Cardinals really blew a great opportunity to get in the BCS mix last week with a loss to Pitt. They still have an outside shot and it starts with a win at UConn. The Huskies won't make it easy. They continue to play tough. Look for Louisville to take advantage of UConn's offensive mistakes and win a tight game.

Prediction: 27-24 Louisville

Miami at South Florida: The Bulls finally won a game for the first time since September last week, and look to jump on a wounded animal. Miami has been inconsistent all year, but will not make it easy for South Florida. Expect the Bulls to go with a balanced attack, and play aggressively on defense. If they follow the gameplan, then they shouldn't lose.

Prediction: 30-21 South Florida

Cincinnati at Rutgers: Huge game for both teams. The Bearcats need Munchie to play mistake-free or Rutgers will be all over them. Meanwhile the Knights need to find more than just Mohamed Sanu on offense. So, which offense will step up? I'll take Rutgers in close battle. The Knights understand the enormity of the game, and have stepped up when needed this year. The Bearcats may be a bit punch drunk following last week's loss, and the loss of starting quarterback, Zach Collaros. Turnovers will be the difference in this one.

Prediction: 24-17 Rutgers

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big East Power Rankings, Week 11

1. West Virginia (7-3, 3-2 in conference): After a win over Cincinnati, the Mountaineers find themselves back on top of the poll. Next Step...Bye Week.

2. Cincinnati (7-2, 3-1): The Bearcats still control their own destiny, but now have to do it with a backup quarterback. Next Step...road game at Rutgers.

3. Rutgers (7-3, 3-2): A solid win over Army have the Knights bowl-bound and ready for the final few games. Next Step...Huge home game against Cincinnati.

4. Pittsburgh (5-5, 3-2): The Panthers have been playing better, and put it all together in a solid win over Louisville last week. Next Step...Bye Week.

5. Louisville (5-5, 3-2): The Cardinals blew a huge opportunity to win this conference with a loss last week to Pittsburgh. Next Step...Regrouping at Connecticut.

6. Connecticut (4-5, 2-2): The Huskies took the week off, and now look to get one step closer to bowl eligibility. Next Step...Hosting Louisville.

7. South Florida (5-4, 1-4): The Bulls finally found a way to win in the conference last week in the Dome. Next Step...Non-conference game hosting Miami.

8. Syracuse (5-5, 1-4): Have been absolutely shambolic since beating West Virginia. Next Step...Much needed bye week.

Monday, November 14, 2011

WVU-Cincinnati Final Thoughts

Well, it wasn't how it was drawn up but a win is a win. And it was certainly needed if WVU wants to go BCS bowling. Dana Holgorsen wanted more effort and that's what he got. It was a Mountaineer team that just willed to a win.

Most Valuable:
Tavon Austin. The speedster may not have scored, but his impact was immeasurable. Austin finished with 249 all-purpose yards, including key gains on 3rd downs and kick returns. He made many short passes into impactful plays, and showed how dangerous he is in space. Yes, Austin did have one drop, but more than made up for it throughout the game. He certainly showed how talented he can be.

Least Valuable: Outside Linebackers. It wasn't for a lack of effort. The boys definitely battled hard, they just weren't effective. Numerous missed tackles and/or assignments allowed Cincinnati to gain big yardage on the outside. All three Bearcat touchdowns went to the outside, and were pretty easy runs. The good thing about this is the fact that the kids are young will get better. And as I said, the effort is certainly there. Now they just have to execute.

Most Surprising: The Score. Neither team getting to 30 was shocking. It is also a compliment to both defense units. WVU and Cincinnati displayed good poise against the other. Both offensives can be explosive, and it certainly was different when Zach Collaros left with injury. However, the Mountaineers were very effective against him as well. Most believed a shootout would be the way, especially after the fast start.

Least Surprising: Problems in the Kicking Game. There's just not a lot of talent and/or experience there. While coverage seems to be getting better, kicks are too low, blocking is inadequate, and punts are inconsistent. Are the mistakes fixable? Some, but I'm not holding my breath.

Play of the Game: The Block. In the final seconds the Bearcats were trying to force overtime with a tying field goal. That's when Eain Smith and just about everyone else blew through the Cincy line to block the kick. It was nice to see WVU actually get the break in the kicking game for once.


Quarterback: Geno Smith played well. Completion percentage was good, poise was good, ran when needed, didn't turn it over. He did hold on to the football a little too much, and struggled to finish drives, but overall a fine day.
Grade: B

Running back: Tough day for backs, going against a very good run defense. They struggled gaining any type of consistency, and Dustin Garrison's fumble was very costly at the time. Shawne Alston did score another touchdown, but not much impact from the group.
Grade: C+

Wideout: Another good day for the group, with two players over 100 yards. There were a few crucial drops, but overall a solid day.
Grade: A-

Offensive line: A day to forget for this unit. Didn't do much to help the run, and Geno was sacked five times. Have played much better.
Grade: C-

Defensive line: A pretty good day for the boys up front. Created some havoc up front an forced a turnover for touchdown. Though struggled slowing the run like everyone else.
Grade: B

Linebacker:L The inside was tough, the outside was a bit of a disaster. Need more consistency, which will probably come with experience.
Grade: C+

Secondary: Mixed bag for the group that was missing Terrence Garvin. Had an interception, but also struggled in coverage. This unit needs to find some talent.
Grade: C

Special Teams: All over the place here. Kicking game was pretty disastrous. The return was effective, and the blocked kick sealed the win. Like I said, all over the place.
Grade: B-

Coaching: Scheme seemed effective when run correctly. Adjustments in special teams helped some. But the motivation was the big factor.
Grade: A

Thursday, November 10, 2011

WVU-Cincinnati Preview

The Mountaineers make a crucial trip to Cincinnati this week. The only chance at a BCS bid starts with a win over the Bearcats. It won't be easy, considering Cincy continues to be the best team in the conference, and the Mountaineers are playing inconsistent. It may take a perfect game, and that might not be available.


West Virginia: The Mountaineers' offense is not the problem. Geno Smith continues to have an incredible year, with 23 TD and just 5 INT. His completion percentage has also gone up the last few weeks as well. Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey continue to put up huge numbers, and will be very tough matchups for the Cincy secondary. Dustin Garrison will be featured in the backfield, along with Shawne Alston. The Mountaineer rushing attack is up to over 120 yards per game...a far cry from the putrid start. The offensive line could use some help. The unit just hasn't given Smith a lot of time to throw, but again...hard to be upset with a unit that is averaging 38 points a game.

Cincinnati: Zach Collaros is having a fine final season for the Bearcats. He has a 141 QB rating, and has rushed for more than 240 yards. Collaros has had some good performances against the Mountaineers and should primed once again. Isaiah Pead should have space to maneuver, as he nears 1,000 yards for the season. He poses a serious match up problem as well, considering WVU's run defense can be shaky. Cincy's wideouts should have ample success. The Cats have three receivers with over 30 receptions, and could be padding some stats on Saturday. The offensive line will be in a tussle, but should give Callaros time. The Cats' line has only allowed 11 sacks this year, an impressive number.


West Virginia: The unit didn't give up a ton of yards last week, but couldn't get off the field. In fact, on Louisville's backbreaking drive the Mountaineers gave up two 3rd and longs and a short 4th down. They just can't come up with the big play. The line was better last week, coming up with a number of sacks. The pressure hasn't been consistent, and will be in for a major test against the Bearcats. The line also is in for a tough battle to slow the run at the line of attack. The WVU linebackers need to watch contain against Collaros, and help as much as possible in coverage. The secondary will be asked to do quite a bit. Sadly, they will be in for a long day trying to slow down a solid crop of wideouts. It's going to be a tough matchup for this unit, but if WVU can just keep the game close, that's a win for the defense.

Cincinnati: The unit has done a nice job in forcing teams to be more one dimensional. The Bearcats are holding teams under 90 rushing yards a contest. The defensive line and linebackers are very active, and will play aggressively. Cincy has 26 sacks on the year, and should create matchup problems for Mountaineer line. The secondary will also play aggressively, but in a manner of looking for a mistake or two. The opportunistic group will struggle to slow down the passing attack, but can help exploit any errant throw but Geno. The linebackers will probably have to get in the mix as well, considering the strength of the WVU passing offense. This may open a door for the Mountaineer run game. so the Bearcats will certainly be busy.

Special Teams:

West Virginia: Well, there is no doubt that this unit is far from special. The return game has been the only constant this year. However, Brad Starks will miss the next few weeks due to injury, and he was the second best return man. The kick coverage has been better, but every time I commend them they usually give up a long TD. The kicking game is in shambles overall.

Cincinnati: The kick coverage has been a bit spotty this year, but not terrible. They have good returners in J.D. Woods and RD Abernathy. Pat O'Donnell is a fine punter, averaging over 45 yards a kick. Tony Miliano has been solid with field goals, and also has four touchbacks on kickoffs.

Overall: This game has all the makings of a track meet. Two very good offenses capable of dropping a 50-spot on the other. And, when you have a shootout either team could certainly win. The Bearcats shouldn't be stopped, and have done a good job holding on to the ball late in games. They have also been very poised in close outcomes as well. Meanwhile, the Mountaineers have very little margin for error. With a weak defense and even worse special teams, WVU needs a perfect game from the offense. Unfortunately for the Mountaineers, it's not going to happen.

Prediction: 38-31 Cincinnati

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big East Preview, Week 11

Shockingly, there is football this week. With the Penn State scandal going on it does seem like there is anything else going on. Important games this week, especially for Cincinnati and Louisville, the league's front-runners. To the picks!

Last Week: 1-3 (nice)
Overall: 35-19

Bye Week: Connecticut.

Rutgers vs Army: The Knights became bowl eligible last week, surprising many a critic. This was a team that was expected to finish dead last in the conference, but Rutgers has responded well by just finding ways to win. They now face an Army team that will be looking to run, run, run. The Black Knights will struggle to match up against the Red Knights, but it's always tough to slow down the old school option. Rutgers will undoubtedly stack the box, and try to force Army to throw the football. It will also be a big game for Chas Dodd, who has won back the starting quarterback job. If he can find some consistency, look for Rutgers to roll offensively. The Knights have seen a better version of Army's offense this year while playing Navy, and ended up winning. But, don't be surprised if the Cadets keep it close.

Prediction: 31-20 Rutgers

South Florida at Syracuse: Well, something has to give in this Friday night battle. South Florida hasn't won a game since September, and Syracuse has dropped two straight. As far as I know, someone has to win. Hard to pick South Florida until they actually win again. B.J. Daniels and the offense have just made too many crucial errors, and have also struggled to finish drives. The defense has been hit and miss. One week they look all-world, the next they look like WVU. Just no consistency. Speaking of consistency, Syracuse could use some. The offense just isn't very explosive for four quarters, and the stalling has killed them. The defense is doing enough, but may struggle to slow down the Bulls. Expect a back and forth game early, but the Dome should be rocking on a Friday night, which should help the Orange. Look for more crucial mistakes from USF to burn them in the second half.

Prediction: 29-24 Syracuse

Pittsburgh at Louisville: The Cardinals are coming off a fantastic performance, winning in Morgantown. The offense has taken some great steps forward, and will be ready to take on a depleted Pittsburgh team. Louisville did allow a ton of yardage last week, but should seal back up against the Panthers. Pitt has lost a lot of balance with the injury to Ray Graham, and Tino Sunseri has wilted against good defenses. Meanwhile, Teddy Bridgewater continues to mature. Look for the Cards to pass off the run, and find success against an inconsistent defense. If the Cards play their game, it should be a comfortable second half.

Prediction: 27-20 Louisville

Game of the Week: West Virginia at (23) Cincinnati: The Bearcats look to keep ahead in the chase for the BCS with a win over a shaken West Virginia team. The offenses should be out in force on Saturday, with nether defense slowing their opponent down. Cincinnati will have the edge considering WVU's defense will be the worst unit out there this side of WVU's Special Teams. Full preview tomorrow.

Prediction: 38-31 Cincinnati

Big East Power Rankings, Week 10

1. Cincinnati (7-1, 3-0 in conference): Another close win have the Bearcats in the poll position for the BCS invite. Next Step...Hosting WVU

2. Louisville (5-4, 3-1): Another solid win, this time in Morgantown. May be the hottest team in the conference. Next Step...Home game against Pitt

3. West Virginia (6-3, 2-2): Another pathetic team effort last week in loss to Louisville. Another season lost. Next Step...On the road at Cincinnati

4. Rutgers (6-3, 3-2): The Knights bounced back well with a win over reeling South Florida. Next Step...Non-conference game against Army.

5. Connecticut (4-5, 2-2): Good win over Syracuse moves the Huskies up the list, even though they shouldn't be. Next Step...Bye Week.

6. Pittsburgh (4-5, 2-2): I have no idea how to evaluate this team. What a strange year for the Panthers. Next Step...At the 'Ville

7. Syracuse (5-4, 1-3): They have been dreadful since beating WVU. Again, should be much better. Next Step...Hosting South Florida on Friday night.

8. South Florida (4-4, 0-4): The Bulls have just decided to take the conference year off. Next Step...On the road in Cuse.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flying Dub-V Top 25, Week 10

Here is a look at the Top-25 for this week.

1. LSU (9-0)
2. Oklahoma State (9-0)
3. Stanford (9-0)
4. Alabama (8-1)
5. Boise State (9-0)
6. Oregon (8-1)
7. Arkansas (8-1)
8. Oklahoma (8-1)
9. Clemson (8-1)
10. Virginia Tech (8-1)
11. Houston (9-0)
12. South Carolina (7-2)
13. Penn State ewwww (8-1)
14. Kansas State (7-2)
15. Michigan State (7-2)
16. Wisconsin (7-2)
17. Cincinnati (8-1)
18. Georgia (7-2)
19. Georgia Tech (7-2)
20. Texas (6-2)
21. Michigan (7-2)
22. USC (7-2)
23. Auburn (6-3)
24. Southern Miss (8-1)
25. TCU (7-2)

Former Mountaineers in the NFL, Week 10

Anthony Becht, TE, Chiefs: Didn't register any stats in KC's loss to the Miami Dolphins.

PacMan Jones, CB, Bengals: Inactive in win over Tennessee. Still dealing with injuries.

Mortty Ivy, LB, Steelers: Didn't register any tackles in loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Ellis Lankster, CB, Jets: Had one tackle for the Jets in their win over the Buffalo Bills.

Pat McAfee, P, Colts: Had a whopping nine punts for a 50 yard average in Indy's loss to the Falcons.

Corey McIntyre, FB, Bills: Didn't register any stats in Buffalo's loss to the Jets.

Ryan Mundy, FS, Steelers: Had one tackle in the Steelers' loss to Baltimore.

Chris Neild, NT, Redskins: Had one tackle in Washington's loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Robert Sands, FS, Bengals: Inactive again for the Bengals. has yet to suit up this year.

Owen Schmitt, FB, Eagles: Registered one tackle in Philly's loss to the Bears.

Steve Slaton, RB, Dolphins: Was inactive this week for the Dolphins, who finally won a damn game.


Brandon Hogan: Has been practicing, yet still on the PUP list. Could be back this Sunday.

J.T. Thomas: Injured Reserve

Monday, November 7, 2011

WVU Women's Soccer to face Virginia Tech

The West Virginia Women's Soccer Team will face Virginia Tech in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The Mountaineers are coming off their second consecutive Big East Championship. Meanwhile, the Hokies were 12-7-1 playing the strongest conference in the nation.

The game will be held at the Dick on Saturday, Nov 12th. Kickoff will be at 6pm. The winner will face the winner of LSU and Texas A&M. The Aggies are the 3-seed in the tournament.

Here is a look at the bracket.

It's Gameweek! Week 11 Primer

Matchup: West Virginia at Cincinnati

When: Saturday, 12p, ABC

Line: Cincy -3.5

West Virginia Players to Watch:
Geno Smith, QB: 3,125 yards, 23 TD, 5 INT
Dustin Garrison, RB: 581 yards, 6.1 ypc, 5 TD
Tavon Austin, WR: 63 rec, 1715 all-purpose yards, 6 total TD
Stedman Bailey, WR: 51 rec, 933 yards, 9 TD

Cincinnati Players to Watch:
Zach Collaros, QB: 2035 total yards, 26 total TD, 8 INT
Isaiah Pead, RB: 821 total yards, 6.0 ypc, 10 total TD
Derek Wolfe, DL: 37 total tackles, 12 TFL, 7 sacks, 2 FF
J.K. Schaffer, LB: 67 total tackles, 6 TFL, 2 sacks, 3 INT, 1 FF


Can West Virginia find balance? Not offensive balance, but team balance. Too much inconsistency defensivley and on special teams is killing this team. It's hard to put it on the offense, when Geno Smith and company are putting up plenty of points. Sure, there are mistakes that you would love to see disappear, but defensive playmakers need to be found. And, some new kickers wouldn't hurt either.

Will the Bearcats fall victim to the Big East jinx? Every team that has been at the top has slipped so far, but Cincy did manage to hold on at Pitt. In fact, the Bearcats have done an excellent job in closing out close games. There's no doubt that Cincy will score, the big question will be can they slow down the WVU offense? A shootout could certainly go either way.

Yes, WVU still has a chance to play in the BCS. How? Well...first things out. That is a tall task at this point, but not out of the question. The Mountaineers are probably the best team in the conference when they act like it, just not sure they can. Second step is for Cincy to drop at least two games, starting this weekend to the Mountaineers. And, lastly, Louisville needs to lose. The Cardinals may be the hottest team in the league right now, so that may not be happening.

It's fun to watch Stedman Bailey play. While only 5'10", the speedy wideout plays about 6'8". His versatility and athleticism continue to make him one of the most underrated wideouts in the country. Bailey is going to shatter the single-season yardage record, and is only a redshirt sophomore. Just imagine what the future holds for this kid. We should also note that Geno will probably eclipse the passing touchdowns and passing yards records, and Tavon Austin could grab the receptions record. Where is Jeff Mullen when you need him?

WVU Women Continue to be Awesome

Congrats to the WVU Women's Soccer team for their second straight Big East Championship. They took down Louisville 2-0 yesterday at the Dick, and now wait to see who they face in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament. The Selection Show is today at 4:30p, and can be followed by clicking here.

Again, huge congrats to Nikki Izzo-Brown and her Mountaineers. She has done such incredible work, and is easily the most important and valuable coach on the Morgantown Campus.

Friday, November 4, 2011

WVU-Louisville Preview

The Mountaineers return home for the first time in three weeks to face rival, Louisville. WVU does control their own destiny, and it continues with what should be a solid chess match early on against a stingy Cardinal defense.


West Virginia: The Mountaineers are coming off a game that showed they have the ability to be balanced. The team rushed for nearly 200 yards, while Geno threw for over 200. Granted, it was a snowstorm, but the Mountaineers have now shown a few times that you can run the football out of this scheme. Stedman Bailey and Tavon Austin continue to be huge matchup problems for secondaries. Bailey is on pace to break the WVU single season record for yardage, and Dana Holgorsen is now looking for ways to get Austin the football more consistently. The big story will certainly be the offensive line. Louisville has a very good defense, and will be looking to blow up the WVU bigs. The Mountaineer line will have to play big for 60 mins.

Louisville: Freshman, Teddy Bridgewater leads the way for a Cardinals' offense that is getting stronger by the week. Bridgewater is coming off his most efficient game, and it was against a pretty good defense in Syracuse. He has some solid receivers to throw to as well. Michaelee Harris, Josh Chichester, and Eli Rogers will tough matchups for the WVU backers and secondary. A plethora of different running backs may get a chance to star as well. There is no doubt that Louisville will want to keep the ball away from WVU as much as possible.


West Virginia: The Mountaineers are truly inconsistent. One minute the unit looks incredibly efficient. The next, well, they look dreadful. Bruce Irvin just hasn't been able to find space to get going. However, it was nice to see the line get going in the second half last week. The boys up front still need to do a better job in clogger the rush lanes, and trying to get to the quarterback. Bridgewater will pose a tough matchup, considering his athleticism. As for the linebackers, they did better in coverage last week, but are still not where they need to be. Look for that group to be used in some rushing, but have to keep an eye on Chichester. The secondary may see changes. Expect to see Broderick Jenkins on the field even more this week. The secondary better be ready for the deep ball, because Louisville will certainly be taking some shots.

Louisville: This unit is the best in the conference, and really one of the best in the nation. They are holding opponents under 100 yards rushing a week, and under 17 points a game. The front seven has done a nice job in creating pressure. Dexter Hayman leads the way, and will more or less be seen all over the field. The Cards have about four legitimate quaterback killers, so the WVU line will be in for a long day. The Mountaineers will have to keep a running back home to help block. The secondary will be in for a tough day. Hakeem Smith and the boys will look to play physically against the talented WVU wideouts. The Cardinals need to slow down the passing game to have any chance in beating the Mountaineers.

Special Teams:

West Virginia: Tyler Bitancurt struggled kicking last week, but it was a snowstorm. Expect him to clean it up. Mike Molinari continues to strive in the punting game. Brad Starks has proven to be a good number two return man alongside Tavon. The coverage was better last week, but still far away from what you can call consistent. Again, the goal for this unit should be to not kill the rest of the team.

Louisville: They are solid in the kicking game with Chris Philpott. The coverage is very good as well. Jeremy Wright, Eli Rogers, and Scott Radcliff all have the ability to destroy the WVU kick coverage.


The Mountaineer offense is in for a great battle. It will certainly be tough if Louisville is able to make WVU one dimensional. But, the Mountaineers were able to break the LSU defense, so they should have success this weekend. The bigger story may be how Bridgewater does against the WVU defense. The Cards are still only averaging 17 points a game, and even a little more than that may not be enough. Expect the Mountaineers to pull away in the second half.

Prediction: 30-19 West Virginia

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big East Preview, Week 10

Everyone is in action this week, with plenty on the line. Can Cincinnati stay ahead of the class, or will Pitt and WVU get back in the mix? Can Syracuse take down their former coach? And, will it be Rutgers or USF waking back up? It should be a fun weekend. To the picks...

Last Week: 2-1
Overall: 34-16

Bye Week: None

South Florida at Rutgers: The Bulls need to turn things around asap. They face a team that is also on a losing streak, and prone to the mistake. There's really no excuse that USF hasn't won a game since September. Each loss has had its own theme to it. However, they just need to execute, which they should be able to do with their experience. As for Rutgers, they just need to hold on to the damn ball. The Knights are turning the ball over at an alarming rate, and face an opportunistic defense yet again. Gary Nova may be in for another long day if he can't find Mohamed Sanu. But this team needs more playmakers. One receiver isn't enough. Look for the Bulls to double Sanu, and go after Nova. On the other side, B.J. Daniels needs to take this team by the scruff and just ball. If he does, they should put up enough points to pull down the victory.

Prediction: 31-20 South Florida

Syracuse at Connecticut: This game should be the battle for the Pasqualoni Cup! Though, I'm not sure anyone really wants a trophy with Paul's likeness on it. Both teams have had very interesting years. Syracuse can't maintain momentum, and UConn can't maintain anything. This game has all the makings of a classic! Ryan Nassib and the passing attack will blister the Husky secondary. Why? Because everyone does. Watching UConn's secondary is like watching a MAC team play the pass. That should open things up for Antwon Bailey, and a whole load of scoring for the Orange. As for the Husky offense, Johnny McEntee is still the starter...which means UConn will continue to struggle. Look for the Orange front line to make a long day for McEntee. Syracuse should pull away in the second half, with Nassib leading the way.

Prediction: 29-13 Syracuse

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh: The Bearcats are the lone team without a loss in the conference, and have a very favorable schedule left. It starts with taking on a beat-up Pittsburgh team that lost Ray Graham for the season last week. The Panthers now will rely on Zach Brown. The senior is averaging 3.1 yards a carry, so he will need to step it up. Tino Sunseri did step it up last week, and will need to continue to play at a high rate if they want a shot at taking down the Bearcats. Cincy's defense has been stingy this year, but did finally show some weaknesses last week against USF. Look for Sunseri to go to the air again to try and exploit the Bearcat secondary. Meanwhile, Cincy continues to cruise on offense. Pitt's defense is going to be in for a battle. They will need to slow down the ground attack to have any chance. Look for Zach Collaros and company to spread things out early and attack the corners with speed. The Bearcats should have enough success against the inconsistent Panther defense. However, Collaros needs to protect the ball much better if he wants to ensure victory this weekend. If Sunseri can pay well again Pitt will keep it close. But the Bearcats are just too powerful, and the Panthers too beat-up.

Prediction: 34-24 Cincinnati

Game of the Week: Louisville at (24) West Virginia: What a great battle this should be. The league's best defense against the league's best offense. However, the big story may be how the young Louisville offense does against the inconsistent Mountaineer defense. Expect a tight game early on, but WVU should be able to figure out the stingy Louisville defense enough to give them a comfortable lead by the second half. Teddy Bridgewater can't afford to make mistakes, and that's a lot to ask a freshman quarterback on the road. Full preview tomorrow.

Prediction: 30-19 West Virginia

Flying Dub-V Top 25, Week 9

Here is a look at the Top-25 for this week.

1. LSU (8-0)
2. Alabama (8-0)
3. Oklahoma State (8-0)
4. Stanford (8-0)
5. Boise State (8-0)
6. Oregon (7-1)
7. Arkansas (7-1)
8. Oklahoma (7-1)
9. Nebraska (7-1)
10. South Carolina (7-1)
11. Clemson (7-1)
12. Virginia Tech (8-1)
13. Michigan (7-1)
14. Kansas State (7-1)
15. Houston (8-0)
16. Penn State (8-1)
17. Michigan State (6-2)
18. Arizona State (6-2)
19. Wisconsin (6-2)
20. Cincinnati (6-1)
21. Georgia (6-2)
22. West Virginia (6-2)
23. Georgia Tech (7-2)
24. Texas (5-2)
25. USC (6-2)

WVU/Big East Lawsuit Analysis

WVU is suing the Big East, what does that mean? Time to bring in someone to talk some law! J-Bren aka "Lawdog" from Orange44 joined us to talk about what this all means.

Dub-V: A brief summary of WVU's lawuit v Big East

J-Bren: WVU is basically alleging breach of contract and breach of fiduciary
duties in ensuring the long-term stability and success of the
conference. The allegations go back to the realignment where Miami,
Virginia Tech, and Boston College left for the ACC, and the Big East
brought in all-sports schools Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida,
non-football schools DePaul and Marquette, and upgraded UConn to D-1A
Big East football. WVU is basically saying that even at that early
stage, the Big East was not making moves to solidify its long-term
future, namely, by continuing this football/non-football dichotomy.
Additionally, WVU says that in paying that $2.5 million up front, they
sent along a contingency offer which said that "Upon the Big East
accepting this $2.5M, the Big East allows WVU to exit the conference
immediately for future cash considerations." So that since the Big
East accepted that money, they accepted that offer to essentially
opt-out of the 27-month rule and exit upon this agreement.

Dub-V: What is the strategy of filing in West Virginia?

J-Bren: You always want to be on your home turf when you're in Court.
Litigating a lawsuit in West Virginia means the judges live there,
were elected there or appointed by West Virginia folks, and if it ever
got to a jury trial, the jury would be West Virginians. In other
words, all people who would have a higher likelihood of being
sympathetic to WVU's plight.

Dub-V: How will the Big East defend itself?

J-Bren: From early indications, vigorously. The Commissioner seems to think

that he's been doing everything humanly possible to not only save this
league, but to put it on par with the other conferences and compete at
their level. This includes the once-successful attempt to bring in
Texas Christian, as well as the courting of the several schools now on
the radar. The Big East will hang its hat on having had its Automatic
Qualifying status for the BCS, and with its efforts at bringing in
other schools, a continuation of the AQ. When it comes down to money,
having that AQ and the other bowl tie-ins provides that financial
stability for the league, along with the TV contracts. The Big East
will probably have a hard time dealing with its rejection of that ESPN
renewal deal where all that money was left on the table. That's one
of the things Syracuse has pointed to in choosing to leave, and I have
seen reports from Syracuse stating that had that ESPN deal been
renewed, Syracuse would have stayed in the Big East.

Dub-V: What is the likelihood of a settlement?

J-Bren: High, based on the sheer statistics of the number of cases filed vs.

the number of cases that proceed to trial. Right now there's a lot of
posturing going on, and it's a big game of chicken. Who will flinch
first? I think if -- and this is a big if given the snail's pace at
which the Big East takes any proactive action on realignment -- if the
Big East pulls in enough schools, enough good schools, to keep their
numbers up and keep the AQ status, then the Big East will be in a much
better position to settle with WVU and move on. If they have suitable
replacements, then cut your losses and get it over with. And since,
in the end, this is all about money, if WVU plays a little Price is
Right, they can eventually find a number the Big East will be happy

Dub-V: What happens if WVU loses?

J-Bren: If WVU loses its lawsuit, then the status quo remains. They're bound

by the bylaws of the Big East, which evidently include the 27-month
notification rule and $5 million exit fee. WVU really loses nothing
(except litigation expenses) by filing this lawsuit, because they'll
eventually get to leave. Now, where that leaves the Big 12 is another
story. The impact on the Big 12 if WVU doesn't join in 2012 could be
a lot more serious, if/when Missouri leaves for the SEC.

Dub-V: Could SU, Pitt, and WVU just leave and breach the contract? If so, what are the consequences?

J-Bren: Could they? Sure, I guess. But you could rest assured that the Big

East would file for an injunction requiring the school(s) to honor the
Big East bylaws and wait out the 27-month period. Then these same
issues from WVU's lawsuit would be litigated anyway (the schools'
defense being "why should we be held to a contract when the Big East
has been in breach of the contract all these years?"). Ultimately, a
court would probably allow the premature moves and force the schools
to pay damages to the Big East for leaving early. Since that is
ultimately what WVU (and I'm assuming Pitt & Syracuse) want to do
anyway, that scenario tends to make me think that a settlement to
leave early is probably the most likely scenario. Even in spite of
all the posturing going on right now. Talk is cheap.

A big thanks to J-Bren for the breakdown.