Thursday, August 4, 2011

Notre Dame is the Biggest Nerd in the Big East

Notre Dame is the highest ranked Big East school on the Forbes' Best College List, coming in at 18. This means that South Bend's students are the biggest dorks in the conference. Congrats to the Irish on their exceptional prowess in Dungeon and Dragons, protractors, pong, and virginity. I also look forward to having one of you as my boss someday.

Here's a look a the rankings

18: Notre Dame: Nerds

47: Georgetown: Still Top-50...still nerds

119: Villanova: I'm sure Jay Wright will screw this ranking up somehow

156: Providence: They're still in the Big East?

207: Syracuse: Ouch, a little low. At least the J-School is Top-5!

210: Connecticut: Just couldn't pass Cuse, could ya?

232: Marquette: You'd think it would be higher. What else are you going to do other than study in Wisconsin, tip a cow?

266: Rutgers: That's about the same as their football ranking

321: DePaul: Hey, they aren't last! Congrats!

336: Pittsburgh: Wait, but Pitt alums keep telling me they're a premier institution.

358: Seton Hall: A low ranking and the schools in New Jersey...bad combo.

403: West Virginia: Whatever, we're good at drinking.

502: St. Johns: Somewhere Chris Mullin is shaking his head

521: Cincinnati: C'mon Cincy, we can't put "The" in front of your name until you crack the Top-500.

561: South Florida: Surprised it's this high.

579: Louisville: Congrats Louisville on being the least nerdiest.

WVU Not Ranked in the Coaches Poll to Start Year

West Virginia will not be ranked in the Coaches' Poll to start the season. The Mountaineers sit 12 votes behind the 25th-seed, Penn State...a team they would probably destroy. WVU is joined by the rest of the Big East on the outside looking in. South Florida(9 votes) and Pittsburgh(3 votes) are the only other conference schools getting recognition.

It's a little surprising that the Mountaineers didn't crack the Preseason Top-25. The program was picked to win the conference, with many calling them a darkhorse for the Top-5. However, being the Big East favorite doesn't carry a lot of weight anymore, especially after a dismal 2010 season for the conference.

The Mountaineers will have a lot to prove early on, especially against LSU, who will start the season ranked 4th. If WVU can run the non-conference table look for them to be in the Top-20 as they head into the conference schedule.

Side Note: Why does Doc Holliday get a vote? Dude doesn't even coach a real program.

Here is the Top 25, with Oklahoma coming in as number 1.

YouTube Time: Major Harris and the Busted Play

Dateline: Oct 29th, 1988. I'm pretty sure this is the greatest busted play in the history of football. The story goes that Harris forgot the play he called, and ended up running the wrong way. However, Harris schooled seven Penn State defenders and found the endzone. Just a typical play for the Heisman candidate.

The Mountaineers ended up routing the Nittany Lions 51-30, and Harris went on to have a Hall-of-Fame career in Morgantown.