Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conference Realignment Drama Continues...and Probably for awhile

So much for a quick solution. Yes, the Missouri Board of Curators gave permission for the school to look outside of the Big 12, but Dennis Dodd writes that an answer may not be coming soon. Missouri's options seem to be the Big 12, the SEC, and maybe even the Big 10...again. Though, credit the Big 10 for basically staying out of this round of conference expansion...at least out of the public eye.

S0, what does this mean for West Virginia? Patience. It's hard to imagine that WVU will be able to come to any sort of decision before Missouri makes a decision. Most people tend to think Mizzou is the chosen pick for the SEC's 14th spot. And, if they do stay put, there may not be a spot for WVU in the Big 12.

Or, it could also mean totally nothing. For all we know Oliver Luck and company are committed to staying in the piece of garbage conference simply known as the Big East. Hell, they may not have a choice. It wouldn't be hard to believe that WVU just isn't that sought after.

Bottomline is no one outside of the inside knows much at all. At this point, the only thing that truly matters is winning some damn football games. However, conference realignment is like a really good car crash...just so hard to look away.

WVU Fans Frothing at the Mouth…

Earlier today, Danks set up a link to a twitter search for “WVU SEC”. Its been a noisy day in that department…so I went to the ol’ tweeter to see what was doing, and mistakenly typed WVU SEC as my status.

Oops. Deleted three seconds later. In that three seconds, one follower ping’d “WHAT DO YOU KNOW” and I got two text messages on my phone saying similar things.

For what its worth…here’s something to check out..Leatherhelmetblog

Pretty interesting read, but…this is the internets people. Take everything with a grain of salt.

FLying Dub-V Top 25, Week 5

Here is a look at this week's Flying Dub-V Top 25.

1. LSU (5-0)
2. Alabama (5-0)
3. Oklahoma (5-0)
4. Wisconsin (5-0)
5. Oklahoma State (4-0)
6. Stanford (4-0)
7. Boise State (4-0)
8. Clemson (4-0)
9. Oregon (4-1)
10. Arkansas (4-1)
11. Georgia Tech (5-0)
12. Texas (4-0)
13. Michigan (5-0)
14. Nebraska (4-1)
15. Florida (4-1)
16. West Virginia (4-1)
17. Auburn (4-1)
18. South Carolina (4-1)
19. Kansas State (4-0)
20. Illinois (5-0)
21. Virginia Tech (4-1)
22. Florida State (2-2)
23. Texas A&M (2-2)
24. Arizona State (4-1)
25. Michigan State (4-1)

Former Mountaineers in the NFL, Week 4

Pat McAfee, P, Colts: Had six punts for a a 44 average, with one inside the 20 Monday night against the Buccaneers.

Corey McIntyre, FB, Bills: Started at fullback, and didn't record any stats in loss to Bengals.

Ryan Mundy, FS, Steelers: Finished with one tackle in the loss to the Houston Texans.

Chris Neild, NT, Redskins: Didn't register any stats in the Redskins' win over the St Louis Rams.

Robert Sands, FS, Bengals: Inactive once again this week. Has yet to dress for Cincinnati this year.

Owen Schmitt, FB, Eagles: Had one catch for 11 yards in the Eagles' loss to the 49ers.

Steve Slaton, RB, Dolphins: Started the week in Houston. Finished the week in Miami. usher for two yards, and had one catch for minus yards in his first game for the Dolphins.


PacMan Jones: PUP List

Brandon Hogan: Pup List

J.T. Thomas: Injured Reserve


Anthony Becht

WVU to SEC takes off...Again

People on Twitter and message boards spent Monday night sifting through rumors and reports of WVU once again being connected to the SEC. Nothing concrete has come out, but the sense is that something may happen this week regarding WVU's conference future.

It's hard to get a gauge of what rumors may be legit. Most reports are just "sources" that may or may not have any validity to them. And, don't forget the last time the rumors were this hot, Brett McMurphy of CBS said WVU was rejected.

It seems that there are three potential scenarios. The Mountaineers could end up staying in whatever the newly formed Big East may look like...at least for now. The Mountaineers could be the 14th team for the SEC. Or, they could be Big 12-bound...especially if Missouri decides to bolt for the SEC to be, yes, the 14th member.

As I wrote yesterday, WVU needs to do everything possible to stay out of the Big East. The conference is poison, with a future devoid of football prowess, and devoid of competent leadership. So, we all should hope that either the Big 12 or SEC come calling.

In case you want to fall for the trap of following this lunacy, here is a link to "WVU and SEC" search on Twitter.