Thursday, December 15, 2011

WVU Gift Buying Guide, Dec. 15th

So, what to get your Mountaineer fan for Christmas? Well throughout December we will giving you great ideas that would please any West Virginia fan out there. Let's get it on!

Gift 8. WVU Money Clip
Time to drop some style on you. And what's more slick than a sleek, spring-loaded, West Virginia-emblemed money clip? Nothing is more slick. This stylish piece can fit in any pocket, and is also a very affordable item. Just $9.99 at Mountaineer World. Now, only if it came with money.


Flying Dub-V College Bowl Pick'em Challenge

(I'm not sure any of those bowls are still played)

In stealing an idea from Orange44, I have decided to start a Bowl Pick'em pool from Flying WV. Why? Well, how else do we make the New Orleans Bowl and the Potato Bowl relevant? There's nothing like betting on some good ole fashion amateurs! Anyway, just CLICK HERE and it should shoot you right to the pool page on ESPN. It is a confidence pick'em to make it a little bit more challenging. If the link doesn't work for some reason just search "Flying Dub-V" on ESPN and it you should find it. The winner will get something randomly from my closet! Good Luck, Folks!

Also, check out Orange44's Pick'em as well!