Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beer Sales Go Swimmingly in First Attempt

Jenn Menendez of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette busted out the beer sales figures today from the Marshall game. Last Sunday was the first time there have been beer sales at Milan Puskar Stadium.

From Menendez...

Sales ended with 7:30 to play in the third quarter, which wound up being two minutes, 31 seconds before the first lightning evacuation. Meaning beers were not available for purchase during the more than four hours of game delays.

Beer only sales: $160,656 gross
Net to University: $ 75,781 and 11 cents
Gross catering sales (not including beer): $548,000* a record setting figure for a game day

Not a bad day, considering there were no reports of incidents, or extremely long bathroom lines due to the sales. Seven home games means the potential net to the University of over 525,000 dollars. It pays to booze, baby.

Deep Thoughts, WVU Style

WVU to the SEC? Is this finally legit? Apparently it's a good possibility according to Dennis Dodd. The hot rumor places WVU against Missouri for the 14th spot in the SEC. It's interesting to compare the two schools. Both athletic programs are solid. Bot have ties to good markets. Missouri has the midwestern cities, and WVU has Pittsburgh and solid alum bases in Washington and Baltimore. Missouri is probably more desperate at this time, because the Big 12 is dying a slow, painful death. Meanwhile, the Big East may not be the best football conference, but it isn't going anywhere. So, which school is more attractive to the SEC? Only time will tell. Personally, I would love to be in the SEC. The football schedule would be unrivaled. However, being a Mainer certainly means I will always have a soft spot for the Big East. And, you can't beat the basketball angle. So, yes I'm torn.

A lot as been said about the offensive line. Most of it hasn't been positive. Even Dana Holgorsen finally came out and put them on notice during his weekly press conference. However, it's not just the line. The receivers didn't do enough on run plays, and the running backs were thrown around. The offense might be about speed, but that speed means nothing without a rushing attack or a healthy quarterback. Norfolk State should be a good test for the Mountaineers to right the blocking ship.

Nice Job, Big East! Now, do it again! Starting the season 8-0 is very nice for the conference, but respect will only come if this continues. Let's also not forget that four of the wins were over FCS opponents. This week is much of the same, with games against Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and UNC are on the docket. If the league can go 6-2 or better, look for a little bit more love.

It was nice to see the students actually stay past halftime for once. Well, they kind of have to now with the new "no re-admittence" policy. Sure, they were still slow to get in, but the sections remained full for the three quarters of play. I would still get rid of the "Senior Spirit Section", but it was a better showing for the students.

Devon Brown is a pleasant surprise so far. The Wake Forest transfer looked to be the most "ready" inside receiver, catching four balls for 42 yards. The senior wideout will probably get many comparisons to Jock Sanders and Darius Reynaud. He led Wake in receiving last season, and is poised to help the Mountaineers get back to a BCS Bowl. So far, so good for Brown.

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