Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big East Presser – More Confounding Conference Clutter

John Marinatto today held a conference call regarding the Big East and the future of its football program. Some highlights and thoughts…

--Asked if the numbers get low enough, would the conference consider dissolving the football side, Marinatto says it has not been discussed. I’m sure that Nova and Georgetown haven’t discussed this with the league’s commissioner. Or other people in the league. Get real.

--Big East says Notre Dame is as committed as any member to moving forward with the conference and excited about 12-team football model. Don’t be confused, Mountie fans. They aren’t excited because they are going to join. They are excited because if we get Boise St. to join and keep our AQ status, then they don’t have to join the Big 10 or the ACC. They can remain independent. If the Big East dies, it forces them into a conference.

--The basketball schools continue to be supportive & the message has been they want to help keep it together according to Marinatto. Meh. I’m sure they are supportive of the fee being $10 million instead of $5. Because when this conference finally does die, the Big East Basketball Conference will be swoll’ with cash.


Flying Dub-V Top 25, Week 7

Here is a look at this week's Flying Dub-V Top 25

1. LSU (7-0)
2. Alabama (7-0)
3. Oklahoma (7-0)
4. Wisconsin (6-0)
5. Oklahoma State (6-0)
6. Stanford (6-0)
7. Boise State (6-0)
8. Clemson (6-0)
9. Oregon (5-1)
10. Arkansas (5-1)
11. West Virginia (5-1)
12. Nebraska (5-1)
13. Kansas State (6-0)
14. South Carolina (6-1)
15. Michigan State (5-1)
16. Virginia Tech (6-1)
17. Michigan (6-1)
18. Georgia Tech (6-1)
19. Texas A&M (4-2)
20. Houston (6-0)
21. Auburn (4-2)
22. Illinois (6-1)
23. Notre Dame (4-2)
24. Washington (5-1)
25. Arizona State (5-2)

Conference Realignment 2011: ESPN Report says WVU and Louisville are Two of the Top Choices for Big 12

West Virginia and Louisville are two of the top candidates to replace Missouri, if the Tigers indeed depart for the SEC. That's the word from ESPN's Andy Katz.

Katz writes...
A source with direct knowledge of the Big 12's expansion panel's plans told ESPN.com's Andy Katz that if Missouri departs, the Big 12 still must decide if it wants to go to 10 or 12 members. The source said Louisville and West Virginia are two of the top candidates to replace Missouri if it leaves.
Not a huge surprise. Both schools have a solid resume for athletics, fanbase, and television ratings. Louisville has the edge in geography, but WVU has the more suitable program. It may not matter if the Big 12 goes back to 12 teams, because both schools would probably be in.

The bigger question is what happens to the Big East? The conference surely can't keep it's AQ status if they lose two or three more schools. Hell, they may not even have a conference left.

Missouri is expected to meet later this week about its invitation to the SEC. This means we could start hearing more information about WVU and/or Louisville in regards to their future with or without the Big 12 soon.

Conference Realignment 2011: The Big East Strikes Back?

This could be a busy day for the Big East. Conference President, John Marinatto has a teleconference with the media scheduled for this afternoon. It is expected that he will announce the increase of the exit fee and possibly the announcement of invites.

The Big East may be proactive for the first time in a long time, but possibly too late. With the news of Missouri potentially on their way to the SEC, that leaves the door open for WVU, Louisville and/or Cincinnati to defect to the Big 12. And without one or more of those teams, it seems unlikely that the Big East will be able to keep its AQ status, let alone stay in business.

The rumors have Boise, Air Force, Navy, Houston, UCF, and SMU as the potential new teams. That's actually not a bad group of schools. Boise has been a BCS contender for years, Houston is undefeated, SMU seems to be back, UCF brings more attention to Florida, and the service academies bring some prestige. With these 12 there could be a pretty good chance of the conference retaining its AQ status.

However, the belief that nobody else will be defecting from the Big East over the next few years seems naive. Even if the Big 12 wants nothing to do with this conference watch for Rutgers and UConn to continue their push out.

Yes, the future is still incredibly unstable for the Big East, and may always be until SuperConferences are running the world. Keep that seatbelt on folks, this trip won't be over for a long time.

Former Mountaineers in the NFL, Week 6

Ellis Lankster, CB, Jets: Signed earlier this week, Lankster registered one tackle in his season debut. The Jets were victorious last night.

Pat McAfee, P, Colts: Four punts averaging over 52 yards per, in a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Corey McIntyre, FB, Bills: Two total tackles, including a crushing hit on special teams. The Bills did end up losing to the Giants.

Ryan Mundy, FS, Steelers: A very good day for Mundy, who finished with five total tackles in a win over Jacksonville.

Chris Neild, NT, Redskins: Registered one tackle in loss to the Eagles.

Robert Sands, FS, Bengals: Inactive once again this week. Has yet to dress for Cincinnati this year.

Owen Schmitt, FB, Eagles: Didn't register an stats in Eagles' win over Washington. Did have a nice block to clear the way for a Shady McCoy touchdown.

Steve Slaton, RB, Dolphins: With Daniel Thomas healthy, Slaton was inactive Monday night against the Jets.


PacMan Jones: Cleared to start practice. Could be back after the bye week.

Brandon Hogan: Will be coming off the PUP, and starting practice this week.

J.T. Thomas: Injured Reserve