Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orange Bowl Final Thoughts

Well, that was easy...and AMAZING! Just an unbelievable night for the Mountaineers, as they end up pounding Clemson. This was the kind of game you can only dream about. They never really come true. Well, it became reality as WVU performed well in all facets of the game, and now can celebrate another BCS win.

Most Valuable: Tavon Austin and Geno Smith. The two men that simply couldn't be stopped. These two were simply magical for four quarters last night. Geno accounted for seven touchdowns, four of them going to Tavon. The offense was simply amazing, and Smith showed incredible composure while ripping Clemson's heart out. Don't be surprised if both of these guys get thrown into the preseason Heisman talk.

Least Valuable: None. Everyone had an impact.

Most Surprising: Dropping a 70 bomb on the ACC champ, perhaps? Winning wasn't surprising. But 70 points? Ouch.

Least Surprising: Pregame Disrespect. WVU has now been significant underdogs in all three BCS games. They have now won all three BCS bowl games...two in convincing fashion. You would think someone would learn...guess not.

Play of the Game: Darwin Cook 99-yard Fumble Recovery TD

Grades: Ahhh, the hell with it. A for everyone!