Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today’s SEC Rumor Roundup…

From various Twitter sources….

UPDATE - Another leatherhelmetblog post.

These are so well written, that you can almost believe them. Don't give in.

UPDATE - CFB News Daily Lousville getting BigXII invite. Mizzou and WVU to the SEC. The Big East is dead.

Apparently, some dude, without a source, says there will be an announcement at 5 pm that WVU is leaving the Big East…

Another dude, without a source, says that they are negotiating with a 16th team as well…

Yet another dude claims that LSU’s plane left Louisiana this morning and flew to Morgantown. That one actually has a link…

And finally, a dude said he ran into Bill Stewart last night at the 80’s room of Bent Willey’s, and he in fact confirmed that WVU was headed to the SEC.

The sheer madness of it all. Leave your rumors in the comments…

And so you can join in and ruin your afternoon with overblown predictions and prognostications…follow along here.

Big East Power Rankings, Week 5

1. West Virginia (4-1, 0-0 in conference): Dominant performance over Bowling Green. Also found a balanced attack. Next Step...Hosting Connecticut in conference opener.

2. Cincinnati (4-1, 0-0): Have rebounded nicely from earlier loss to Tennessee. Rolling into the conference schedule. Next Step...Bye Week

3. Pittsburgh (3-2, 1-0): The Panthers seem to finally be putting it together. A solid win over ranked South Florida puts Pitt back up with the big boys. Next Step...On the road at Rutgers.

4. South Florida (4-1, 0-1): Choked once again in Big East play. And, choked once again on a Thursday night. Next Step...Bye Week to get back on track.

5. Rutgers (3-1, 1-0): It was an awful game against Syracuse, but a win is a win. Plus, the defense played respectably. Next Step...Hosting Pittsburgh.

6. Syracuse (3-2, 0-1): Mistakes continue to kill this team. The Orange have to wake up before it's too late. Next Step...Looking for four good quarters of football at Tulane.

7. Louisville (2-2, 0-0): Early candidate for the Big East Bipolar Award. Simply inexcusable to come off a bye week and lose to Marshall. Next Step...Tough roady at UNC

8. Connecticut (2-3, 0-0): A slow start to the year continues for the Huskies, following a loss to Western Michigan. Paul Pasqualoni is already feeling the heat. Next Step...Road game in Morgantown.