Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big East Fantasy PK Rankings

Who doesn't love a good kicker? Nobody! We here at the Flying Dub love kickers so much, we will give them their own column. We won't throw them in with the defense or just completely ignore them. No! The kickers deserve their day. And, Friday is for kickers.

Late Rounders (Never pick a kicker early)

Dave Teggart (UConn): Can hit from anywhere, and is automatic on PATs. However, a new QB and starting tailback could hurt his draft stock.

Ross Krautman (Syracuse): Missed just one field goal in 2010, and is poised to continue his excellence. Certainly a possibility to start, especially with the early-season schedule

Chris Philpott (Louisville): The duel-threat kicker should be one of the best in the Big East again this season. Philpott is worth a look in bigger leagues.

Maikon Bonani (USF): If the Bulls' offense can be more consistent, Bonani could have a solid year. The USF kicker drained 17 field goals last season. However, the Bulls need to score more TDs to give Bonani more value.


Tyler Bitancurt (West Virginia): He regressed in year two, missing seven field goals. Bitancurt should put up some big PAT numbers, but has to get more consistant to be worth playing.

San San Te (Rutgers): Automatic from close, Te needs to find some accuracy from distance. He could be worth picking up a few weeks in, if Rutgers is scoring.

Beyond Projects:

Kevin Harper (Pittsburgh): The first-year kicker will have to prove something before being worth drafting.

Tony Miliano and Danny Milligan (Cincinnati): Neither have any value at this point, considering neither has won the job yet.

Other Neutral Fields for WVU?

The announcement yesterday of WVU playing James Madison in Washington DC in 2012 got me thinking...which can be dangerous. I started to wonder where else could be a good neutral field game for the Mountaineers? The recruiting region, facilities, and level of alumni would have to be taken into consideration. For instance, FedEx Field is solid, the alumni base is very good, and the Mountaineers are always recruiting the DC area. Plus, Jame Madison is far enough away that it wouldn't be mistaken for the home team.

So, here is my list of other possible destinations that fit the criteria.

Location: Baltimore, MD
Stadium: M&T Stadium (Capacity: 71,008)
Opponent: Delaware
Distance for Opponent: 59 miles
Alumni Level: Outstanding
Recruiting Region: Solid

Baltimore is not only close to Morgantwon, but is a hotbed for WVU alums. It's also close enough to Morgantown for a capacity crowd. The recruiting region has treated the Mountaineers well, with players like Tavon Austin and Ryan Clarke, who are currently on the team. With a game every other year in College Park, having a game in Baltimore would envelope the region. Meanwhile, Delaware is usually a very competitive team in the CAA.

Location: Orlando, FL
Stadium: Florida Citrus Bowl (Capacity: 70,000)
Opponent: Bethune-Cookman
Distance for Opponent: 56 miles
Alumni Level: Solid
Recruiting Region: Outstanding

Who wouldn't want to have a few more games in Florida? The recruiting climate is top-notch, and the alumni number is higher than one might think. Plus, Orlando is a vacation destination. Have the game in November, and watch hoards of Mounty fans roll down for the game and a few days at the Magic Kingdom. Bethune-Cookman did share the MEAC title last season.

Location: Cleveland, OH
Stadium: Cleveland Browns Stadium (Capacity: 73,200)
Opponent: Youngstown State
Distance for Opponent: 73 miles
Alumni Level: Solid
Recruiting Region: Solid

Ah yes, have to make a trip to the "Mistake by the Lake". Cleveland offers a pipeline to Ohio recruiting, which has been one of the more underrated regions in the country. It would also be a good location for the midwestern alums from not only Cleveland, but the surrounding areas. Youngstown used to be a premier school in the FCS. Though, they are now known mostly for Jim Tressel dirtying up the program.

Location: New York, NY
Stadium: Yankee Stadium (54,251)
Opponent: Stony Brook
Distance for Opponent: 56 miles
Alumni Level: Solid
Recruiting Level: Solid (for basketball)

Why not? Its the number one market in America, has a boatload of basketball recruits, and is loaded with former Mountaineers. Maybe Amos Zereoue can even cater the event? Football games are great for recruits for any sports, so a game at Yankee Stadium would be ideal. Plus, it opens up the door for alums from New England and parts of Canada as well. Stony Brook is not known for football, but is within striking distance of the Bronx.

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Stadium: Lincoln Financial Field (69,144)
Opponent: Temple Delaware State
Distance for Opponent: 76 miles
Alumni Level: Outstanding
Recruiting Level: Solid (for basketball)

It's another basketball hotbed, and also a city loaded with Mounties. It's close enough to Morgantown to get the fan train rolling. There is some football talent in and around Philly, but Western PA has always been more flashy. Villanova could be the opponent, but that would be way too much of a home game for them. So, give me some Delaware State!

Location: Charlotte
Stadium: Bank of America Stadium (Capacity: 73,778)
Opponent: Wofford
Distance for Opponent: 76 miles
Alumni Level: Very Solid
Recruiting Level: Solid

Who wouldn't love to travel down to Charlotte for a game? Great city, solid alumni base, and an ever improving recruiting region. This would be a very nice fit for the Mountaineers, who haven't played at the Bank since 2008. Wofford is usually a competitive squad that has played at Mountaineer Field before.

Location: Portland, ME
Stadium: Fitzpatrick Stadium (6,300)
Opponent: Maine
Distance for Opponent: 137 miles
Alumni Level: Like four People
Recruiting Level: Ummm

Yeah, I just put this on here, because I want to be able to walk to WVU games again. A man can dream, can't he?

Big East Fantasy TE Rankings

Our College Fantasy Football rankings will focus on the Tight ends today. It's not a very deep group, and West Virginia won't even employ one in the Holgorsen Offense. However, there are a few valuable picks, and maybe a steal or two.

Early Round Value:

Josh Chichester (Louisville): The former wideout has tremendous size and ability, and continues to improve at the position. Chichester should be one of the top pass-catchers for Louisville this season, so the touchdown numbers will most likely improve as well. Could end up being a Top-10 fantasy TE.
Pros: Size, Ability, Hands
Cons: WR by Trade, Route-Running
2010 Stats: 22 Rec, 317 Yards, 5 TDs

Middle Round Value:

Nick Provo (Syracuse): 2010 proved to be a breakthrough year for Provo, who finished with 33 receptions. However, he will need to find the endzone much more to be a top fantasy TE. Provo has the ideal size and strength to dominate, and should have solid numbers in 2011.
Pros: Size, Strength, Route-Running
Cons: Injury-Prone, Explosiveness
2010 Stats: 33 Rec, 365 Yards, 1 TD

Possible Late Round Steal:

D.C. Jefferson (Rutgers): He has the ideal size to be a beast, but hasn't lived up to the potential. Having a more mature QB could help him find some of that potential. Jefferson could be one of the best steals this season if he performs.

Ryan Griffin (UConn): He's a very solid pass-catcher, and will be one of the most important targets for the Huskies. However, the QB situation in Storrs will hurt his draft stock. Griffin could be a wait-and-see guy.


Andreas Shields (USF): He will take over the starting roll in Tampa, and will look to be one of B.J. Daniels' top targets. Not a lot of value at this point.

Blake Annen, Adrien Robinson, Travis Kelce (Cincinnati): They are all fighting for the starting job. Follow this closely, because Zach Collaros will use the position.

Hubie Graham (Pittsburgh): The Illinois transfer will be the Panthers' primary TE target. Hard to tell how much Todd Graham will use the position in his offense.