Thursday, February 2, 2012

REPORT: Mike Smith Leaving WVU...Already

Mike Smith, who expected a defensive coaching position a few weeks back is headed back to the NFL...already. At least that's the word from Jeff Darlington of, who tweeted about it earlier today. Darlington wrote...

Small note learned while reporting Welker feature: Mike Smith, who accepted a job with WVU, has decided to instead stay as OLB coach.

Smith had accepted the West Virginia ass't DC job, but Rex Ryan convinced him last week in Hawaii to stay with the Jets instead. Just fyi.

If true, WVU is now looking to fill two spaces once again. Most people believe that WVU must be targeting someone from the Giants or Patriots, considering the hiring process is taking forever, and now might have just reached a new level.

Nothing is official at this time, but Darlington seems pretty confident in his tweeting.

UPDATE: College Football Talk just tweeted that WVU has announced that Smith has gone back to the Jets.

Signing Day Musings

WVU signee, Jarrod Harper told the News-Tribune that the Mountaineers plan to alternate Pitt and Maryland in their schedule. At least, that's how the incoming safety perceived it from talks with the coaching staff. When reached for comment, WVU told the paper that there is no info regarding the future at this time. (Solid work by former colleague Mike Minnich)

Eric Kinsey is finally a Mountaineer. Though, it was a strange evening for WVU fans following his saga. The defensive end from Miami decided to wait to announce until last night, and then what followed can't really be explained in a few sentences. Go check out Geoff Coyle's Twitter basically explains the night.

Expect at least one or two guys to make an instant impact. The question is where? WVU had no true "need" spots, but depth was certainly added, and typically one or two first-years always get in the mix early. Look for JUCO transfer, Matt Glowinski to get in the mix early on the offensive line. He's a big kid, with two years of experience in. Tarvares Copeland and Deontay McManus could get early looks at the wideout position, and look for the young tailbacks to get right in the mix.

Damon Cogdell is the most important former player in Mountaineer history. Not from what he has done on the football field, but for what he has done as coach at Mirimar in Florida. Not only is he an outstanding coach, but he also has helped send a slew of incredible players to Morgantown. That list includes Geno Smith, Stedman Bailey, Ivan McCartney, Dante Chambers (no longer on the team), and Josh Taylor. You can now add Devonte Mathis to that list, who sent in his letter yesterday.

WVU gets an early jump on the 2013 class. It has been reported that highly-touted Ohio safety, Jayme Thompson has committed to WVU. Thompson has interest from numerous Big Ten schools and Notre Dame. Granted, a year is a long time to hold a commitment, and you certainly couldn't kill the kid if he wavers at some point, but not a bad way to start a recruiting season.