Thursday, February 2, 2012

REPORT: Mike Smith Leaving WVU...Already

Mike Smith, who expected a defensive coaching position a few weeks back is headed back to the NFL...already. At least that's the word from Jeff Darlington of, who tweeted about it earlier today. Darlington wrote...

Small note learned while reporting Welker feature: Mike Smith, who accepted a job with WVU, has decided to instead stay as OLB coach.

Smith had accepted the West Virginia ass't DC job, but Rex Ryan convinced him last week in Hawaii to stay with the Jets instead. Just fyi.

If true, WVU is now looking to fill two spaces once again. Most people believe that WVU must be targeting someone from the Giants or Patriots, considering the hiring process is taking forever, and now might have just reached a new level.

Nothing is official at this time, but Darlington seems pretty confident in his tweeting.

UPDATE: College Football Talk just tweeted that WVU has announced that Smith has gone back to the Jets.

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