Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is the End Near?

It seems the end is undoubtedly near for WVU in the Big East. One of the big Mike Casazza nails it out of the park today, writing about the separation.

Casazza writes...

There's no way West Virginia dismisses Florida State unless the Mountaineers are absolutely certain they won't be a part of the Big East in 2012 and has a guarantee from the Big East. We could see that Thursday.

It could be that the two sides have already reached a proposed settlement and that they'll submit it to the judge that requested this hearing.

That judge will then agree or disagree with the proposal and make sure the terms are fair and equal for both sides and any third parties that may be involved and affected by the conclusion.

It seems that the biggest fact is the FSU angle. Casazza is right on the money with saying what he did about the FSU game. WVU would never sacrifice the game (and certainly the money they will have to give up) if they didn't have some clear indication the Big 12 is in their immediate future.

It would also be nice if WVU and FSU could clear this up quickly, so the story can be put out quickly. Casazza also points out that WVU could get away free, if FSU could find a comparable opponent.

No matter what happens, look for more news to break this week about the future.

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