Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big East Presser – More Confounding Conference Clutter

John Marinatto today held a conference call regarding the Big East and the future of its football program. Some highlights and thoughts…

--Asked if the numbers get low enough, would the conference consider dissolving the football side, Marinatto says it has not been discussed. I’m sure that Nova and Georgetown haven’t discussed this with the league’s commissioner. Or other people in the league. Get real.

--Big East says Notre Dame is as committed as any member to moving forward with the conference and excited about 12-team football model. Don’t be confused, Mountie fans. They aren’t excited because they are going to join. They are excited because if we get Boise St. to join and keep our AQ status, then they don’t have to join the Big 10 or the ACC. They can remain independent. If the Big East dies, it forces them into a conference.

--The basketball schools continue to be supportive & the message has been they want to help keep it together according to Marinatto. Meh. I’m sure they are supportive of the fee being $10 million instead of $5. Because when this conference finally does die, the Big East Basketball Conference will be swoll’ with cash.


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