Monday, October 3, 2011

Hey Hey, Ho, Ho, The Big East has to Go

Rumors continue to swirl about the future of West Virginia in regards to conference realignment. With Missouri's board of curators meeting tomorrow, maybe an answer will come sooner than later. Will WVU be heading down south to the SEC? Or, will they be thrown in with the big boys of the Big 12? Well, One thing is for sure, there is no way that the Mountaineers should settle for staying in the Big East. The conference is atrocious, and wants to add schools (Air Force, Navy, East Carolina) that will undoubtedly kill the automatic qualifying status. The future isn't bright in the Big East. Actually, the future is horrible.

I'm done trying to defend this pathetic excuse of a football conference. Just look at what happened this weekend. Two teams lost to non-AQ schools, a ranked USF failed to show up again on national television Thursday night, and Syracuse v Rutgers may have been the worst football game in the history of the sport (21 penalties, 9 turnovers, 4 missed FG's). Only Cincinnati, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh looked like actual football teams, and one of them already has one foot out the door.

This conference is dead. D-E-A-D. I don't care if WVU has to go independent and gets a television deal with Lifetime. I don't care if the Mountaineers accept an invitation to the Sunbelt. Everyone has a brighter future than the Big Least.

I've tried to stay level-headed about all of this, but not anymore. I'm in officially panic mode. Actually, it's probably more like Irrational Mode. If WVU is stuck in this dumpster of a conference, I just don't know what to do...well...other than cheer for that big conference win over SMU.

Hey John Marinatto, Glenville State is probably looking for a conference. let's invite them too!

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