Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WVU to SEC takes off...Again

People on Twitter and message boards spent Monday night sifting through rumors and reports of WVU once again being connected to the SEC. Nothing concrete has come out, but the sense is that something may happen this week regarding WVU's conference future.

It's hard to get a gauge of what rumors may be legit. Most reports are just "sources" that may or may not have any validity to them. And, don't forget the last time the rumors were this hot, Brett McMurphy of CBS said WVU was rejected.

It seems that there are three potential scenarios. The Mountaineers could end up staying in whatever the newly formed Big East may look like...at least for now. The Mountaineers could be the 14th team for the SEC. Or, they could be Big 12-bound...especially if Missouri decides to bolt for the SEC to be, yes, the 14th member.

As I wrote yesterday, WVU needs to do everything possible to stay out of the Big East. The conference is poison, with a future devoid of football prowess, and devoid of competent leadership. So, we all should hope that either the Big 12 or SEC come calling.

In case you want to fall for the trap of following this lunacy, here is a link to "WVU and SEC" search on Twitter.

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