Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Deep Thoughts, WVU-Style

Yes, there is still a game this weekend, and it happens to be a big one. Conference uncertainty will not stop the LSU Tigers from invading Morgantown. I actually kind of like the uncertainty. I get the feeling that Dana Holgorsen can use it to his advantage. Couldn't you see Holgs rolling out the old "The SEC doesn't think your good enough" line to fire the boys up? There is no doubt that WVU will be up to play.

Who will be the celebrity picker on ESPN GameDay? The smart money is on Bobby Huggins. Nothing would be better than Huggs taking some nice shots at Herby and Corso. Plus, he gets it, and represents WVU well. Next in line might be Jerry West or Don Nehlen. Both would also represent well, especially the NBA logo. The man does have a statue. Other potentials could be Pat White, Darryl Talley, maybe even Marc Bulger. However, if Bill Stewart is the choice, well then I might just break my television.

Will three touchdowns win this game? Possibly. LSU has an average offense, which focusses on the ground game. Yes, the Tiger can eat up a clock, and are very efficient in the redzone, but it's not an offense that scares opponents. Which means WVU better hold onto the football. The Tigers are ready to pounce on any mistake WVU may make to better their chance of getting points on the board. An LSU blowout could be a final score of 23-10. It's just really hard to get a gauge of how many points WVU may need. I do believe that three touchdown drives will put a lot of pressure of the number 2 team in the land.

The atmosphere should be amazing. I can't wait to see Morgantown be highlighted all day on ESPN. I just hope our students and fans represent the old gold and blue to the best of their ability.

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