Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Conference Realignment 2011: Where will WVU end up?

A lot has happened over the past 24 hours regarding the future of West Virginia and the Big East. Emotions ran high on Tuesday, considering most of the news was not positive. Some was downright embarrassing. However, Wednesday is a new day...and hopefully a better one.

Many are wondering what the status of WVU is moving forward. Let's take a look at everything that went down over the last day to try to figure it out.

-Brett McMurphy reported that West Virginia was rejected by the SEC and the ACC. Many have sighted academics and market size as being some of the big reasons.

-Then there were reports Missouri was to be the 14th team for the SEC. However, no-so-fast. Now reports say that those are premature.

-Meanwhile, the Big 12 may be alive, with the news that the schools are willing to keep the conference together(possibly with Missouri), with some reforms.

-Following the news that the Big 12 might stick together, the Pac-12 has decided not to expand...yet.

-And then the night closed out with the Big East having an emergency crisis meeting, where the remaining schools(including WVU) vowed to stay and rebuild.

-There are many reports that the Big East is looking to rebuild football with Army, Navy, Air Force, East Carolina, and Central Florida.

-It now seems unlikely that the Big East would merge with the Big 12 if both leagues keep the remaining of their members.

-And to close all of this, an SEC official says that the WVU "rejection" was an outright lie.

What to believe? Good question. The options for WVU seem to remain open. The SEC is potentially there until the 14th spot is filled. Maybe a spot in the reformed Big 12? Or, continuing to fight the good fight with the Big East. One thing is for sure; this is far from over. As Wednesday begins, so does another wild day of rumors concerning conference realignment. So, sit back and relax and try to enjoy the ride.

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