Friday, February 10, 2012

Embrace Your New Big 12 Overlords!

A new chapter in WVU sports will start this fall. The school is on the way to the Big 12, following the news of an agreement made with the Big East to leave early.

The Big East will make about $20 million from the resolution, with WVU paying $11 million.

The source said the Big 12 would handle the remaining amount and the Mountaineers will enjoy full membership in that conference beginning July 1.

The source said WVU's early exit from the Big East is no longer conditional upon Boise State joining the Big East as a replacement in 2012.

So, as one chapter closes, another begins for WVU...a chapter that will take them west. Trips to the Northeast will be replaced with trips to Texas and the heartland of America. And, anyone not excited has something wrong with them.

The new rivals will be some of the most tradition-rich teams in college sports. Kansas is a basketball Mecca, Oklahoma is 8th all-time in football victories, Texas is 2nd all-time, and Oklahoma State ranks 4th all-time in National Championships for all sports.

That's just a little example of the tradition of winning the Big 12 has. WVU will jump in with every sport they have, and should be competitive in most. There is also word that Oliver Luck is looking to bring back a Men's Golf team. As for Men's Soccer (which the Big 12 doesn't have) look for a new home in Conference USA or the MAC. Rifle will also stay put.

These are exciting times for Mountaineer fans. The school is coming off an Orange Bowl win, both basketball teams are competitive, both soccer teams are strong, and the remaining Olympic sports should only get better with the move to the Big 12.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the transition to the big, bad Big 12.

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