Friday, October 21, 2011

From the Blue Lot

Each week, Danks and Dookiestyle will answer questions about the Mountaineers upcoming game…

With Syracuse’s porous pass defense and WVU's 'air-raid' attack, how is it possible for WVU to not win running away? Shouldn’t the betting line be easy money (WVU -14.5)?

Dookie: How is it possible, you say? It’s possible if WVU reverts back to special teams breakdowns and egregious turnovers. That, and Big East teams are 1-5 on the road this year in conference games. Any road game gives challenges. That being said, I’d be ready to bet the farm on WVU tonight. Holgs gives us a chance to see how he responds on a bye week. I think you’ll see a lot of tweaks, some tightening up of some loose spots…and an absolute revenge beating.

Danks: Listen, there’s a reason you play the game. Anything can happen, and as Mountaineer fans we certainly know this. However, if Geno Smith gets protection it should look a lot like the Connecticut game. The Orange secondary has really struggled this year, and now have to deal with one of the best passing teams in the country. I think the Mountaineers win, and probably comfortably. But, I’m not sure easy money is the best way to describe it.

Does the Big East understand marketing? Two games on a Friday night…will anyone be watching?

Dookie: If you were the Big East Conference, and you know you suck and you crave exposure, would you jump at the chance to have two games on ESPN on a Friday night? I would.

I mean…its Rutgers v Louisville! It’s the New York market! ITS ALL ABOUT TV MARKETS! Everyone will be glued to their televisions in the Greater Big Apple to watch the Scarlet Knights play a team from Kentucky! (sarcasm.)

I think people will be watching football. Arguing with their friends about whether WVU can hang 70 on Syracuse or not…

Danks: Nobody watches TV on Friday night. And, a lot of football fans are out at high school games for Friday Night Lights. I understand the conference is looking to highlight these schools, and primetime ESPN and ESPN2 is always a good thing, but Friday night is just so unattractive. It’s hard enough for me to stay in on a Friday night a watch a game…and I never miss a WVU game.

Plus, it just looks so desperate. This is the night for MAC and Sunbelt football.

Can we get a complete offensive game? So far, we've been great in the first half on the road, great in the second half at home. Can we get a full 60 of explosive offense?

Dookie: If there was any time for it to happen, it would be this week. Big revenge game from last year. Holgs seems pumped up. Coming off a bye week. The tea leaves say this should be the week. I would love to see a game where penalties are minimal, special teams mistakes are minimal, there are no dumb turnovers…and we don’t punt. Just to see the numbers.

Danks: It’s hard to imagine how scary this offense will be if they do get a full four quarters. The team is already one of the highest scoring teams in the nation. Would they average 50? I still think you see some hiccups, and maybe a big mistake or two, but overall this offense should roll. Let’s not forget revenge will be in the air tonight as well.

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