Friday, October 21, 2011

The Friday Mix – Is Today D Day? Is Geno (A) right? And…Lets Concentrate on Tonight!

--Missouri’s board of whatever finish up their meetings today. Of which one topic might be switching to the SEC. According to an article on ESPN, that may or may not even be on the agenda. One hopes that it is so that this conference shake up and keep on going! You’ve probably noticed the lack of news regarding teams joining the Big East. That’s because everything depends on Missouri.

Sidebar—I find it simply amazing that so many athletic programs are being held hostage by a school in the Midwest that has accomplished very little athletically.

You all read twitter. You know the scenarios. Mizzou to SEC. Then WVU, Lville and whoever to Big 12. Or Mizzou stays in Big 12, and nothing happens. Or maybe WVU to SEC. But probably not. Probably staying in a crappy Big East that would be program suicide for anyone to join at this point.

Giggles. Fun for everyone.

--Another good article on ESPN. Roundball coach Geno Auriemma saying all this is Notre Dame’s fault. That Miami, Va Tech and BC don’t leave if ND had joined in football as well. He’s probably right. But don’t expect ND to care.

--Did you catch that soccer score the other night? Coach LeBlanc is on fire.

--Amidst all of this, WVU has a huge game tonight on the road in the big Orange. Everyone is talking revenge. Score 70, Holgs. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Syracuse. Let’s go Mountaineers!

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