Friday, December 9, 2011

WVU-Kansas State Final Thoughts

As Kevin Jones goes, this team goes. At least at this point. Fortunately for Mountaineer fans, Jones is having an exceptional start to the year. He is averaging a double-double (20 pts and 11 reb) and last night finished with a career high 30, with 12 boards. Jones also hit the 3-pointer to send it to overtime, had the winning bucket in double OT, and buried two free throws to ice it. He seems a lot more comfortable in the leader role this year, and could be really special.

Aaron Brown gives us a preview of what he can do. Yes, the 3-pointer late in OT was all class, but he did much more than that. Brown also showed some versatility on the court, even creating his own shot from the corner. Brown grabbed a few rebounds and actually hit some free throws. Brown was also active on top of the 1-3-1. The freshmen have all stepped up at certain times this year. Now it's time for them all to take that next step.

Deniz Kilicli did something rare last night, and he did it twice. Seriously, who travels after getting a rebound? And, who does twice in one game? Well, the Turk did. Call it a lack of toughness or a lack of concentration. Whatever it was it can't happen again. And, I have a feeling Huggs will make sure it doesn't happen again. It's too bad it did occur last night. It overshadowed what was a very nice half of basketball for Kilicli.

Frank Martin scares the hell out of me. Huggs may yell and look pissed, but Martin takes it to another level. He is like a nuclear explosion combined with a hurricane...just straight demonic rage. Seems like a good coach though. Kansas State has played well under him. On a side note, why do college football coaches get chastised for yelling at kids, but never college hoops coaches?

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