Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flying Dub-V's Plays of the Year

Time to take a look back at a year full of fantastic performances and plays on the gridiron for West Virginia.

Game 1. WVU v Marshall: Tavon Austin's Kick Return. With a lightning storm nearing, Austin's kick return gave WVU some breathing room. After the delay, WVU would score again to make it an insurmountable lead and the game would eventually be called. It was a very timley score for WVU.

Game 2. WVU v Norfolk St: Ivan McCartney's 39 yard TD catch. Early in the fourth quarter, Sticks got loose. Geno was able to throw a perfect dart to Sticks in the end zone for the score. It was a beautiful pitch-and-catch

Game 3. WVU at Maryland: Eain Smith's Interception. Maryland was driving late in the fourth quarter, with a chance to win the game. The Terps were in Mountaineer territory, and the defense desperately needed to make a play. Enter Smith, who read Danny O'Brien perfectly, stepped into a throw, and picked the ball off on the six.

Game 4. WVU v LSU: Geno Smith's Perfect Pass to Tavon. This play shows the outstanding accuracy Geno can display. This ball is perfectly thrown to Austin, who nearly takes it to the house.

Game 5. WVU v Bowling Green: Dustin Garrison's Entire Performance. 291 yards says it all. An outstanding day for the kid.

Game 6. WVU v UConn: The Fumble Return. Halfway through the 3rd quarter UConn was driving deep into WVU territory, when Pat Miller stripped Johnny McEntee of the ball. Juwone Snow recovered it to go 84 yards. That set up a Tavon Austin TD catch, and it was smooth sailing after that. Just a huge play by Miller and Snow.

Game 7. WVU at Syracuse: Stedman Bailey's Acrobatic Catch and Score. It was an awful game, but at least Bailey gave WVU one thing to cheer about.

Game 8. WVU at Rutgers: Tavon Austin's 80-yard Reverse TD. While Geno Smith's TD late was the most important play, Austin showing off his speed on a frozen tundra was the sexier play to put on the list.

Game 9. WVU v Louisville: Stedman Bailey's One-handed Catch. This play was incredible, and it did keep WVU's hopes alive of a comeback. Sadly, they didn't have any Tim Tebow luck.

Game 10. WVU at Cincinnati: The Block. In the final seconds the Bearcats were trying to force overtime with a tying field goal. That's when Eain Smith and just about everyone else blew through the Cincy line to block it. It was nice to see WVU actually get the break in the kicking game for once.

Game 11. WVU v Pitt: The Stedman Bailey Stiff Arm. This needs no explanation.

Game 12. WVU at South Florida: Stedman's Diving Catch. Maybe the bigger play was Shawne Alston getting a woozy Bailey lined-up for the spike.

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