Friday, December 30, 2011

Big East Bowl Preview: Pinstripe Bowl

Rutgers v Iowa State:  The Scarlet Knights are essentially playing a home game against Iowa State later today.  Yankee Stadium will have plenty of Jersey boys screaming and yelling, and hoping for a big victory over Iowa State.  The Cyclones come in hitting one major landmark this season:  beating Oklahoma State.  The Cyclones offense isn't anything to write home about.  The running game is nearly last in the country.  The passing game is average.  And defensively, they allow more points than they score.  Iowa State just finds ways to win.  In fact, only one of their wins was by more than six points this year.  Rutgers should have a good opportunity to move the ball.  Unfortunately for the Knights, their offense isn't anything to write home about either.  Two young quarterbacks will see playing time, and will undoubtedly force the ball to best player, Mohamed Sanu.  Look for Rutgers to try and run the ball early, but not be afraid to open it up as well.  If the Knights can get on the board early it will truly put the Cyclones in a hole.  Iowa State isn't going to play well from behind, especially in what should be a hostile territory.  It will also be asking a lot for freshman quarterback, Jared Barnett to win the game for the Cyclones.  They will need help from the running game, as well as the defense.  Expect both offenses to struggle early, especially if it's a cold afternoon.  Too many mistakes from the Cyclones will allow Rutgers to take control.  And, by the 4th quarter a close game will open up with Rutgers receivers being to big of a mismatch.  The Knights win it.

Prediction:  31-21 Rutgers

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