Monday, October 10, 2011

In Honor of Columbus Day, The Big East Ready to Pillage

Here is the latest from Big East conference realignment...

The Big East had a teleconference this morning, and are going to start talking to institutions in regards to joining the conference. Tom Liucci of the Star-Ledger writes...
According to the (Big East)statement, commissioner John Marinatto has been authorized "to engage in formal discussions with additional institutions and (we) are considering a model that includes 12 football-playing schools."
So, the Big East is going after least that's the perception. Twelve schools would give the conference a championship game at the end of the year, and could put some pressure on the BCS heads to allow the Big East to keep its AQ status.

So, who are the teams? Air Force, Navy, UCF, Houston, Memphis, Temple, and SMU have all been rumored. And, ECU has already applied. Boise State for football may also be in the mix, but that just seems ridiculous for travel. Plus, there's no guarantee that WVU, Louisville, Rutgers, UConn, and/or Cincinnati will even be in the conference in the future. This is going to be interesting to watch.

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