Friday, October 7, 2011

From the Blue Lot

Each week, Danks and Dookiestyle will answer questions about the Mountaineers upcoming game…

Was Dana Holgorsen wrong to crucify the fanbase for inconsistent crowd size?


Not in the slightest.

Its a new ballgame in Morgantown, so to speak. The University is serious about become a national perennial power in football. Its something the fans have been clamoring for years. Yes...we've had good teams and played in big games. But I think the goal is to be that good EVERY year.

Its no longer puppy dogs and ice cream. Holgs eats puppy dogs. He wants to create a big time program, and the fans have to be a part of it. That means going to every game. 60,000 plus every time. Morgantown needs to become menacing. It will help the face of the program in terms of national media...and...ahem...potential other conferences.


Absolutely not. All we hear about is how WVU fans want to be known as one of the best fanbases around. Well, then you have to show up in rain, snow, sleet, hail, or shine. It doesn't matter if WVU is playing Georgia or Georgia Southern...every game should be packed. You don't see LSU, Michigan, or Ohio State with empty seats, no matter the weather or opponent. And, stop complaining about the ticket prices. It's simply economics people, supply and demand. Ticket prices can be that high, because people buy them!

Oh, and the students. Don't even get me started on the students. Unless I was in a hospital bed I would be at a game. Students just aren't tough anymore. "Oh, it's raining. Let's watch on the game on TV...or maybe we'll just watch Project Runway instead."

Over/Under WVU rushing yards this weekend...120.


I'm going to take the over, purely because I think the game is going to get out of control early. By the end of the game, the Huskies will be tired and won't feel like defending much, being down 50.


I'll take the under. I'm not a pessimist, I just credit UConn in having a good rush defense. They are allowing just 75 yards on the ground per game, and will be looking to make WVU as one dimensional as possible. I think WVU will still have rushing success, but closer to 100 yards. Plus, Geno Smith will want to throw all day against this secondary.

Gut Feeling. WVU in SEC, Big 12, stuck in Big East


SEC. I know I'm being very optimistic, but I think the cards are gonna fall fast on this. Now that TCU is gone, every team in the Big East knows that AQ status is going bye bye. All six remaining programs are like ugly kids on the eve of prom looking for a date. I like our leadership. And I think there's been a ton of smoke. All the rumors can't all be fake, can they?

I think the ACC act next. They take Uconn and Rutgers. Then the SEC goes. WVU, Missouri and Florida State to SEC.


Big East. Until I see concrete evidence about a move, I believe WVU is stuck in the Big East. The future could be grimm. I guess I am a pessimist.

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