Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Big East, Thank You

Dear Big East Conference,

I’d like to personally thank you for the many years of joy and enrichment that you have provided me and Mountie fans the world over. It’s hard to think that we’re leaving, being one of the last founding members in the Conference. Leaving only Rutgers behind. But that’s just it. The writing was on the wall. For WVU football to stay relevant, we had to leave. There really wasn’t a choice in the matter.

We’re moving on. And you will as well. We will miss you, I’m sure, particularly during the months of December to March. Big East Basketball has been at the pinnacle of the sport for some time now. And will continue to be.

Think of it this way…if Pitt, Syracuse and us give you 21 million each to leave early, you’ll be set for a long time. Use the money wisely. Replace John Marinatto. Keep on playing roundball. You don’t need this football weirdness anymore. Gobble up the good basketball programs out there that don’t have football, and make yourself even stronger.

You will be missed, Big East. Thank you for 20 great years.


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