Thursday, October 6, 2011

Conference Realignment Update

A lot seems to be happening as we speak. The Big 12 is taking action, even while Missouri is still at a crossroads. Here's a look at the big rumors and actual stories today...

BIG NEWS: The Big 12 has reportedly invited TCU to begin play in 2012-2013 year.
-UPDATE: CBS is reporting that TCU has accepted the invitation, and will not be heading to the slowly decaying Big East.

Statement from TCU Chancellor, Victor Boschini Jr. from the Dallas Morning News

"These discussions with the Big 12 have huge implications for TCU...It will allow us to return to old rivalries, something our fans and others have been advocating for many years. As always, we must consider what’s best for TCU and our student-athletes in this ever-changing landscape of collegiate athletics. We look forward to continuing these discussions with the Big 12."
TCU is all but in the Big 12 it seems

ALSO, according to CBS Sports, Missouri doesn't have the votes to get into the SEC at this time. Some schools are holding out for a better option or a more geographically-friendly option to the SEC East.

The Big East has now lost Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and TCU...and UConn, Rutgers, Louisville, Cincinnati, and West Virginia are all looking to get out. John Marinatto is looking like a genius right now.

Things are moving a bit today, so we will try to continue to update you as much as possible.

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