Monday, October 17, 2011

Conference Realignment 2011: WVU to vote yes for increasing Big East Buyout

Dave Hickman is reporting that WVU will indeed vote in favor of increasing the Big East buyout to $ 10 million. It was originally $ 5 million.

So, what does this mean for WVU? It could mean that WVU isn't going anywhere. They will be the football anchor in a conference with incredible instability, and one that may not have a future. Of course, the Big East looks much better with the Mountaineers, so this is huge news for the much beleaguered conference. A much easier case to keep its AQ status.

However, this could also mean that WVU doesn't want to burn any bridges. You would think that the school could spend the 10 million if they actually were invited to the SEC or the Big 12. Maybe they stay in the Big East, maybe they make the move. At least this way may keep it clean.

The only true info to take from this is the fact that the Big East could be sending out invites this week. Stay tuned...

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