Thursday, October 27, 2011

Conference Realignment 2011: A Sad Day For College Sports

Where to begin...

It's amazing how pure joy can turn to utter madness in the span of about 24 hours, but that's exactly what happened to the Mountaineer faithful. Tuesday was one of the better days in recent memory, when we were told that WVU had been accepted to the Big XII and a press conference was scheduled for Wednesday. Unfortunately, it all came crashing down starting Tuesday night with the news that the presser was postponed, and by Wednesday morning all hell broke loose.

Yesterday essentially turned into one of the most absurd days in recent that makes you embarrassed by sports and the human race. The stories of political influence started to take over, with seemingly everyone having their own take of what the outcome may look like, and how much influence is coming from both sides.

It's absolutely sick, really. Nobody wants congress getting involved...I'm certain that's the last thing we need.

Is Louisville to blame for all of this? Of course not! They are just doing what WVU would be doing if this was turned the other way. Louisville understands how important it is to get out of the sinking Big East. And, I hope the Big XII eventually invites them too. It would be a short trip for WVU fans, and an ongoing rivalry.

The major blame has to go the Big XII's way. If you believe that all the reports were true that WVU was verbally accepted and a presser was scheduled (and I do believe it considering nobody denied anything on Tuesday), then this is all on the leadership of a conference that really can't afford to be unstable. The last thing the Big XII needs is more dissension moving forward, considering some of those schools could still take off on the drop of a dime.

Even with this instability I certainly hope WVU gets in. The Big XII chaos still pales in comparison to what is happening in the Big East. It would just feel a bit better if WVU felt a little more welcome. But, at this point I guess beggars can't be choosers.

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