Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In Defense of WVU's fans

I keep hearing a lot about how West Virginia's fan behavior is a big reason that conferences will be saying "no thanks" to the school from Morgantown. Does WVU have a bit of a bad reputation? Sure. Do they deserve it? Probably. But to say it's that much different than most large schools, well, that's just simply idiotic. Disagree? Let's go to the tape!

(warning...some vids are NSFW)

Oh, very nice. And from an ACC school. How dare they?

Oh man, that's a riot. Or maybe it's "The" riot

Nothing says class like Miami football.

Now, that is some nice southern hospitality

Is that East Lansing or Beirut?

Molding young minds at Penn State

I always knew those midwestern girls had class.

So much for the laid back attitude on the left coast.

So, maybe WVU isn't that much different from anywhere else. Oh, and this is just a small sample size. A lot more where this came from.

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