Thursday, August 25, 2011

YouTube Time: The Greatest Pass Ever

This was easily the greatest play I ever saw in Mountaineer Field. It was also the loudest I ever heard that stadium. Simply remembered as the "Greatest Passing Play in the History of Life Itself." Rasheed Marshall goes deep to Travis Garvin for 93 yards against Virginia Tech.

The Mountaineers stumbled out of the gate in 2003, but after nearly beating Miami in the Orange Bowl, WVU was poised to turn things around. They certainly did with a proper-pounding of Virginia Tech, who was number three at the time.

Early in the third quarter, the Mountineers essentially locked it down when Marshall found a streaking Garvin wide open. Marshall put it right on Garvin's hands, and everything else was cream cheese. The Hokies did have nine guys in the box...the gamble didn't exactly pay off.

WVU went on to lose the Gator Bowl that year. Marshall would graduate in 2005 and played some Arena ball, and Garvin robbed a Foodland.

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