Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jock Sanders to Join the Bucs

Word from Geoff Coyle is that Jock Sanders is off to Tampa to join the Buccaneers. The former Mountaineer superback will most likely be battling for the return specialist job.

Sanders could be more limited in the NFL due to his size, especially at the position he plays. At just 5'6", Sanders isn't the prototypical receiver size, but the dude has talent. He could be a dynamic return man, and may find himself in the backfield. If given the chance in Tampa, Sanders could prove his value.

Tampa could use some help on kickoff returns, and A LOT of help on punt returns. The Bucs were 30th in punt return average (6.4 yards) in the league. It's also a team that will be looking for receivers. It will be interesting to see if Sanders gets that chance to prove he can play the slot in this league.

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